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Get Zingoy Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers for 200+ Brands at the Best Price!

Giving gifts to our loved ones becomes easier and more enjoyable with gift cards and vouchers. Among the many options, Zingoy stands out as the country's most trusted and popular destination for gift cards, cashback, and coupons. When you buy gift cards and vouchers online through Zingoy, you can access high-paying cashbacks from top platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Lifestyle, Uber, Titan, Ola, and more. You might wonder why you should choose gift cards when you could simply give a direct gift of their choice. Consider the convenience and flexibility gift cards offer, especially for loved ones living far away in the USA. They make it easy to celebrate birthdays and festivals from a distance. Zingoy is the one-stop solution, offering collections of eGift cards and vouchers online, along with other gifting options.

Shop Gift Cards & Earn Cashback from Zingoy Gift Card Site

Among the number of gift card platforms, Zingoy is India’s favorite & popular Gift Card platform where you can choose from over 500 stores. Not only you can buy a collection of eGift cards, but you also receive exciting cashback offers with every purchase. Also, Zingoy offers some of the highest cashback rates & a 10-day money-back guarantee if your Gift Card doesn’t work.

Why Gift Card is a Perfect Gift?

Gift cards from Zingoy have become a top choice for gifts because they balance thoughtfulness and flexibility, making them perfect for any occasion like weddings, birthdays, or corporate events. Gift Cards from Zingoy show that you know the recipient’s tastes by choosing their favorite store or brand while letting them pick exactly what they want. They're convenient, especially when you are unsure about what to buy, and easy to purchase and send online. Available for all types of stores and services, from fashion and electronics to dining and travel, there’s a Zingoy gift card to suit any personality or interest. Additionally, they fit any budget, whether you want to spend a little or a lot.

How to Save Money with Gift Cards?

Save Money Using Gift Cards Via Zingoy Gift Card Site

Zingoy makes saving easier as the team at Zingoy is serious about it. When you purchase a gift card online from Zingoy, your savings do not just stop at the cashback that Zingoy offers you directly.  Partnering with certain online wallets, Zingoy brings you some extra cashback to help you save more. All you have to do is use a particular online wallet to make the payment when you buy cards online via Zingoy.

How do Gift Cards Work? Learn about the  Gift Card Process

It's all fine to consider a Gift Card as a magic card! They come in fixed amounts (Rs. 500, Rs. 1000, Rs. 2000, Rs. 5000, and more). When you buy one for someone, they can use it for online shopping without spending their own money and earning cashback.

Here's how it works:

1. Visit the Zingoy Gift Card store.

2. Choose your desired gift card amount.

3. Add the gift card to your cart and checkout.

4. You will receive the gift card via your registered email.

To use the gift card:

1. Select the "Pay by Zingoy Gift Card" option at checkout.

2. Enter the gift card code and PIN to redeem it.

That's the joy, convenience, and benefits of Zingoy Gift Cards.

Shop a Wide Range of Gift Cards/ Gift Vouchers

Zingoy offers a huge collection of gift cards from over 500 brands and individuals. If you have gift cards or vouchers you don't need, you can sell them on Zingoy and earn money. For example, UPI apps often offer gift vouchers or coupons, adding to Zingoy's extensive collection. You will find vouchers for everything from fashion to finance. Whether you are into fashion, tech, or looking for educational resources, you can find the perfect eGift Card or Gift Voucher for any friend or family member.

Gift Card for Fashion:

Whether you're someone in search of the latest fashion trends or a person looking for elegant formal products, Zingoy has got you covered with over 100 Gift Card brands. Gift cards such as the Max Fashion Gift Card, Nykaa Fashion Gift Card, Fastrack Gift Card and Fabindia Gift Card are available for everyone on Zingoy. So why wait? Simply browse through our selection and make the most of your time by purchasing the perfect gift or treating yourself.

Baby & Kids:

Looking for baby products? You're in luck! Baby & Kids is a popular category on Zingoy where you can conveniently purchase everything you need. Some of the well-known brands in this category include First Cry Gift Card & Gini and Jony Gift Card. Even if you're not looking to buy gift cards, you can still make a difference. You can sell gift vouchers for these brands and bring happiness to someone in need.


Electronics stands as India's top choice and most purchased category for homes. From smartphones to washing machines, vacuum cleaners to laptops, and everything in between like ACs, tablets, refrigerators, and digital cameras, it's what we love to buy. And when it comes to making us happy,Tata Cliq Gift Card, Reliance Digital Gift Card, & Croma Gift Card  are the cherry on top. Imagine receiving an Amazon Gift Card from a sender. Suddenly, the world of electronics shopping opens up without any worries about budget constraints. You can easily choose and buy your favorite electronic product without a second thought about money.

Health & Beauty:

Just like fashion and electronics, health and beauty products are also super popular. Lots of people who have been using Zingoy for a while have scored cashback deals with gift cards. If you want to join them, here's your chance! You can buy My Glamm Gift Card, Mamaearth Gift Card, & Lakme Gift Card & enjoy health & beauty products & services.

Top Gift Cards for Zingoy | Top Selling & More

When it comes to Zingoy Gift Cards, most people prefer gift cards from branded stores or popular e-commerce platforms. These stores are special because there's a high chance of earning cashback. Whether you're shopping for fashion apparel, products, travel tickets, restaurant meals, movies, groceries, footwear, or even premium hotel stays, these gift cards are trusted and cover all your expenses. Here are some of the top Zingoy Gift Cards.

Gift Cards for Festivals | Celebrate Festivals with Zingoy

Gift Card for Diwali:

Zingoy makes your Diwali celebration even more special with heartfelt Diwali Gift Card. Whether you want to delight your family, surprise your friends, or show appreciation to colleagues, Zingoy Gift Card offer a versatile and thoughtful way to share the Diwali spirit. These gift cards allow your loved ones to choose their perfect gift from a variety of options, including home decor, fashion, and gourmet treats. Explore Diwali gift cards from Reliance Digital, Kalyan Jewellers, Brand Factory, and more, and bring happiness to your loved ones' lives.

Gift Card for Christmas:

Celebrate the joy of Christmas by giving your loved ones the freedom to choose their perfect gift! Zingoy's Christmas Gift Card is the ideal present for everyone on your holiday list. Why opt for Christmas Gift Cards? Your loved ones can use the gift card on a wide range of products, from festive treats to everyday essentials. With Zingoy’s Christmas Gift Card, you can spread joy and cheer, giving your loved ones the pleasure of selecting something they truly desire. It's the perfect way to show you care, even when you're not sure what to buy.

Gift Card for New Year:

Celebrate the arrival of the new year with the perfect gift for everyone! New Year Gift Cards are ideal for all ages and tastes, allowing your favorite people to purchase anything from gourmet meals to Christmas gifts. You can find great options from brands like Pepperfry, Assembly, and Myntra. This New Year, give the gift of choice and flexibility with New Year Gift Cards. A perfect way to start the year with joy and celebration for everyone.

Zingoy Gift Cards are Perfect for Everyone!

So far, you have seen how Zingoy makes gifting effortless and exciting with its extensive collection of gift cards and vouchers. Whether it's for birthdays, festivals, or any special occasion, Zingoy has something for everyone. Plus, with high-paying cashbacks and easy online purchasing, Zingoy is the ultimate destination for all your gifting needs. Celebrate the joy of giving and make your loved ones' moments special with Zingoy Gift Cards.

FAQs for Zingoy Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I buy vouchers?

A. Buying vouchers is easy & convenient. Here are some easy steps.

  1. Log in to Zingoy app.

  2. Search for the vouchers of your choice.

  3. Select the denomination of the voucher and click on ‘Add to Cart’ button.

  4. After adding all the vouchers in the cart, click on the ‘Pay Now’ option. 

  5. You will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can select the mode of payment. 

  6. Once the order is successfully placed, the vouchers will be sent to your registered mail ID or you can also download it from App/Site under the ‘My Voucher’ section. The status will appear as ‘Success’.

Q2. How Can I Get Cashback Earned from Vouchers?

A. The claiming process remains the same. The minimum threshold will be a validated cashback of Rs. 250. Cashback earned from vouchers can be claimed just like other Zingoy earnings.

Q3. Is there any maximum limit of buying vouchers?

A. If you are looking for an Amazon platform then you can buy a maximum of Rs. 10,000 worth of GV in a calendar month. Amazon / Zingoy reserves the right to block GV in case a user is found to use more than the limit enforced from a Single Amazon account. For all other stores, a maximum of 10 vouchers can be bought in a single order and there is no maximum limit as such for the calendar month.

Q4. Can I Cancel a Gift Card/Gift Voucher?

A. No, Once an order is placed, you will not be able to cancel a Gift Card or Gift Voucher.

Q5. Can I use Zingoy cashback for buying a voucher?

A. No, Zingoy cashback cannot be used for buying vouchers.

Q6. How do I find a particular voucher?

A. You can search the name of the store on Zingoy and you can view all the available vouchers of various denominations for that store.

Q7. How do I buy vouchers?

A. This is pretty easy. You just need to follow some simple steps: 

  1. Log in to Zingoy App 
  2. Find vouchers for the stores you like. 
  3. Select the denomination of the voucher and click on ‘Add to Cart’ button You can add upto 10 vouchers in a cart at a time. 
  4. After adding all the vouchers in the cart, click on ‘Pay Now’. 
  5. You will be redirected to the payment gateway where you can select the mode of payment. 
  6. Once the order is successfully placed, the vouchers will be sent to your registered mail ID or you can also download it from App/Site under the ‘My Voucher’ section. The status will appear as ‘Success’.