Cashback is Magical with Zinni

- Download Zinni - the chrome extension on your browser
- When you shop at store online, Zinni shows you the cashback rates & offers

Tell Zinni your wishes

- Loved any deal or cashback offer shown by Zinni?
- Just click on “Activate Cashback” button!

Your wish is Zinni’s command

- Go ahead and buy it like you always do.
- Zinni will make sure that your cashback is automatically added to your Zingoy account

Installation Guide
Go to Menu and click chrome Extension
Then click 'Download' to add Zinni.
Add extension to Google Chrome.
Now click on Zinni in the browser toolbar and log in with Zingoy credentials to activate Zinni.
Visit any online store and tap on Zinni to discover all the deals and cashback offers.
Just click on “Activate Cashback” to avail the cashback.