About Us

Your 2-in-1 destination for cashback and gift cards!

Zingoy is a free online platform where you can earn easy and reliable cashback on all your online shopping and buy and sell gift cards.

Currently bringing you discounts and offers from over 200 stores including Amazon India, Flipkart, Paytm, and BookMyShow; Zingoy offers you amazing cashback over and above those usual deals and discounts. With us, you can also earn cashback on your friends’ online shopping by simply creating your own Zingoy link for a store/ offer/ product and sharing it with them.

The second best thing you get on Zingoy is a bustling platform for buying and selling gift cards. We bring you a wide range of gift cards from over 400+ Merchants and 300k+ Users just like yourself. If you have an unused gift card, here’s where you can sell it easily to someone who wants it. What’s more, we also give you instant cashback on buying gift cards from here.

That’s Zingoy for you: Cashback, gift cards, and more cashback!

Zingoy is about more than just cashback:

We reward you for sharing too

You can get your Zingoy link for a store or product and use it for your shopping. You can share this link with your friends and stand to earn on every purchase made via it.

Exclusive offers

Find exclusive offers from various stores plus cashback! That’s right, so it is discounts and cashback

Free Platform

Once you shop/share. We track all shopping activities, provide you end to end reports, status and a speedy support system to resolve any issues that you may face.

Hot Referrals

Like any other place, you can invite your friends using your referral and we shall reward you. But it doesn’t end here. There’s a lot more coming up in this space. Sign up to know more.