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About Lifestyle Gift Cards

List of Lifestyle Gift Cards & E-Gift Vouchers with Cashback

eVoucher Value Validity Period Cashback
Rs. 10000.00 6-12 Months 6 %
Rs. 7500.00 6-12 Months 6 %
Rs. 5000.00 6-12 Months 6 %
Rs. 3000.00 6-12 Months 6 %

Lifestyle Gift Cards: Best Fashion Gift Vouchers You Need

A Lifestyle gift card is all you need to stay at the top of your fashion game, but wouldn’t it be better to talk about the brand first? Lifestyle is a one-stop shop for all your fashion needs, uplifting your lifestyle with its best fashion apparel for men, women, and kids. Clothes, shoes, watches, handbags, and beauty products are all part of the huge arsenal of all the Lifestyle stores across India. So, would you like to get some Lifestyle gift vouchers too?

Lifestyle Gift Voucher Online: Why Buy Lifestyle Gift Cards?

Lifestyle gift cards are your best companion while shopping online or at brick-and-mortar Lifestyle stores. Why so? Well, who doesn’t enjoy getting exciting discounts on their fashion and beauty products? And, a Lifestyle e-gift card would get you some of the best discounts and offers on your shopping from their stores. Thus, you can use your Lifestyle gift card for yourself, your family, or even for gifting to someone. 

Lifestyle Gift Cards for Friends and Family

Well, this goes without saying that your friends and family too expect many things from you. So gifting a well-loaded Lifestyle gift card would be a great idea to make your relationships better with your loved ones. These gift cards can then be used to claim apparel and other products worth the gift card or more by paying the balance amount. 

Lifestyle Vouchers with Discounts at Zingoy: Best Lifestyle Gift Card Offers

What would be the point in buying a ₹5,000 gift card that also has a value of ₹5,000 at the store, right? That’s why buying Lifestyle or any other gift card at Zingoy is the best option for you. Here are the reasons for the same:

Attractive Discounts on Lifestyle e-Gift Vouchers

Yup, you read that correctly! Zingoy offers discounts on many gift cards, including Lifestyle, especially during the festive season. So if you try and purchase a Lifestyle gift voucher around any major festival, chances are that you may get attractive discounts and offers on your order.

Get Cashback on Lifestyle Gift Cards

Zingoy offers you certain cashback with every purchase that you make. So if you buy a Lifestyle gift card/voucher, you are bound to get some cashback that would add to your overall discount. For all Lifestyle gift cards, the cashback offer is up to 3% of the purchase price. Moreover, paying using OlaMoney Postpaid or Mobikwik Wallet would get you up to ₹500 cashback on your Lifestyle gift card purchase. So, do not hesitate to buy your gift card just because of its price, we have your back.

How to Sell Lifestyle Gift Cards Online? 

Zingoy also allows you to sell your gift cards if they are unused and still under their validity period. So if you purchase a Lifestyle gift card and can’t use it anymore, don’t worry at all. Simply log in to your Zingoy account, sell the gift card, and get your money credited back to your Zingoy account. Here are the steps for the same:

  1. Visit Zingoy.

  2. Select ‘Gift Cards’ > ‘Sell Gift Card’.

  3. Enter the required details of your gift card.

  4. Wait for others to buy your gift card.

That’s it! It’s really easy to sell your gift card on Zingoy, isn’t it? All these services from Zingoy make it the best platform for you to buy a Lifestyle gift card from.

Check Lifestyle Gift Card Balance

  1. One of the biggest concerns that people generally have is how to check the balance of their Lifestyle Gift vouchers. Trust me, that’s super easy. You just need to follow these steps to check your Lifestyle gift card balance:
  2. Visit lifestyle official or verified merchant website for balance check
  3. Enter the details of your gift voucher.
  4. Check the captcha box, if required.
  5. Select ‘Check Balance’.

Lifestyle Gift Card Validity

All Lifestyle vouchers are valid for a period of 6 to 12 months, so you don’t have to worry about it expiring anytime soon. A Lifestyle gift card, being valid for so long, makes it possible for you to shop throughout the year, yay! 

Last but not the least, do not forget to check out the best Lifestyle Offers to get great discounts on your shopping from Lifestyle.

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that many shoppers have in mind while buying a Lifestyle gift voucher, or any other gift card in general:

Lifestyle Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Use a Lifestyle Gift Voucher with a Discount Coupon?

Nope, it is not possible to use your Lifestyle gift card with a discount coupon. You can use either of them at one time. It is always better to ask the respective authorities about their services while shopping using a gift voucher. So, while shopping at Lifestyle if you have any doubts, make sure to clear them with the store manager or customer service if you are making an online purchase.

Q2. Can I Use a Lifestyle Voucher on Amazon?

Nope, Lifestyle gift vouchers can only be redeemed or used at Lifestyle outlets and the stores that we have mentioned above. You cannot use a Lifestyle gift card at Amazon or other shopping sites like Myntra, Flipkart, etc.

Q3. How Do I Purchase a Lifestyle Gift Card? Where to Buy Lifestyle Gift Vouchers From?

Zingoy is the best platform for you to buy Lifestyle gift cards thanks to its cashback and gift card reselling services.

Q4. Where Can I Use Lifestyle Gift Cards?

A Lifestyle gift card can be used at any Lifestyle outlet across India. Some other stores where you may redeem/use your Lifestyle gift voucher are- Easybuy, Melange, Home Centre, and Select Max.

Q5. How to Redeem a Lifestyle Gift Card?

Redeeming your Lifestyle gift voucher is no different than your usual shopping days. You just have to select the product of your choice and the gift card should be used while checking out. This is how you can redeem your Lifestyle gift voucher. Also, when making online purchases, you can use your Lifestyle e-gift card for your shopping.

Q6. Is there any way to cancel or return the Lifestyle vouchers?

A. You cannot cancel or return once the Lifestyle voucher is purchased.

Q7. Can I exchange my Lifestyle gift card with another gift card?

A. You cannot exchange your purchase Lifestyle gift card with others.

Q8. How do I redeem Lifestyle vouchers online?

A. Lifestyle voucher code can be redeemed at the time of making a purchase.

Q9. Do Lifestyle provide any bank offer on vouchers?

A. Currently, there is no bank offer available, but you can get the update over here.

Q10. How can I purchase Lifestyle gift cards?

A. Simply visit the Zingoy store and choose the listing to purchase a gift card.