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I had a flipkart gift card which was about to expire. I just got it sold on Zingoy and so happy to have some money in my pocket from my unused gift cards. All the very best Zingoy Marketplace, a happy seller, indeed!

Cinash Ps
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Never knew there is such a vibrant marketplace for Gift Cards. Got some flipkart vouchers as gift for my marriage which got sold on Zingoy like hot cakes the very next day of listing and got the amount transferred to my bank account too. That was really fast, thanks Zingoy!

Gurjeet Kaur
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About Selling Gift Cards

Sell Gift Cards Online in an Instant

Got gift cards that you have no use for? Can’t figure out what to do with them? How about making some money? Yes, put those gift cards on sale on Zingoy and start earning money instantly!

How to Sell Unused Gift Cards on Zingoy?

Apart from being a rocking cashback site, Zingoy is platform where people can buy and sell gifts cards from each other directly. That’s right! No middleman, no wastage of good gift cards, just because they landed in the wrong hands, at the wrong time.

To sell a gift card on Zingoy, all you need to do is list the gift card under the correct store or brand page. Then set a price you wish to get for the gift card and you are done. Your gift cards get instantly listed and customers will be able to see them along with other gift cards.

Once someone decides to buy your gift card, you get the money directly in your bank account. Also, you need not worry about the security of your personal and bank details because Zingoy verifies all its buyers and sellers and uses the most secure and safe payment gateway

If you change your mind and want to use your gift card, you can easily de-list the gift card, if it has not been sold yet.