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Travel Gift Card Online: Buy Best Holiday Travel Vouchers

Grab Best Travel Gift Cards & Vacation Vouchers in India with Cashback

Travel Gift Cards & E-Vouchers 

Somebody has beautifully put, “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” If you too are planning to take a break from your schedule or perhaps celebrate a special event of your life at an extra special place, we can help you buy the best travel gift cards and vouchers to make your travel more easier (as well as money-saving!). If you are here because you wish to gift Travel Vouchers as wedding gifts or holiday gifts, you are still at the right place. On Zingoy, you can buy Travel Vouchers for yourself or you can gift these travel vacation gift cards to your loved one’s, be it a newly wed couple or your dear friend or family member planning to travel soon. Talking about travel, be rest assured to find all the top travel gift vouchers on this page such as MakeMyTrip Gift Card, Cleartrip Gift Card, Thomas Cook Gift Voucher, Yatra Gift Card, and EaseMyTrip Gift Card, etc.

Vacation Travel Gift Vouchers 

A vacation in today’s busy lives is almost therapeutic. If you are planning to take a travel vacation and visit your favorite spots in India or travel internationally, having some travel gift vouchers can come handy. At Zingoy, you can find a range of vacation travel gift cards in different categories such as airlines, flights, hotels and use them to do your travel booking seamlessly. 

Travel Gift Cards for Couples 

Are you a newlywed couple looking to purchase travel gift cards for couples for your much needed travel getaway? We got you covered on Zingoy. As couples, you can buy travel gift cards such as MakeMyTrip gift vouchers, Cleartrip Gift Cards, etc to book your honeymoon flights, or book your hotel packages. These travel gift vouchers can be used online and offline depending on the brand of gift card you are purchasing. 

Holiday Gift Vouchers India 

Holiday Gift Vouchers are one of the easiest ways to book your travel tickets, flights and hotels during your travel trips, outings and vacations. Send a Holiday Gift Card to your friend or family member and give your loved one’s a special chance to take a break from their daily routine and travel to their favorite places including India, US, UK, Europe, Canada, Switzerland, etc. A holiday is sometimes all we need to rejuvenate ourselves from the daily hustle & bustle. Gifting a Holiday Travel Gift Voucher to your loved one’s is hence a perfect travel gift idea. Don’t worry, at Zingoy, we will help you send a travel gift card to your loved one’s in only a few clicks. 

Honeymoon Package Travel Gift Vouchers 

Honeymoon is considered as a blissful period of a marriage. It is one of the most important events of one’s life in which every couple plans to travel to the most beautiful places in the world. Gifting a honeymoon package travel gift card to someone who is newly married can be an excellent choice of gift. There are many travel partners that offer honeymoon packages such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Thomas Cook, etc. 

Send Travel Gift Voucher as Wedding Gift

On Zingoy, you can easily send a travel gift card as a wedding gift to your loved one’s. Simple visit and choose from our huge collection of travel gift cards and gift vouchers. Enter the email address of the recipient and we will deliver the travel gift voucher digitally on the provided email.

Best Travel Gift Cards 

On your quest to find the best travel gift cards, Zingoy is here to help! Find a wide selection of travel vouchers to make your next travel trip easier. We have over 200+ stores and brands gift vouchers to choose from and being one of the leading cashback sites in India, you can also find some of your favorite travel gift vouchers on discounts and cashback. Additionally, you can easily gift a travel gift card or voucher with Zingoy. Some of the most popular choices of Travel Gift Cards and Travel Gift Vouchers are MakeMyTrip Gift Card, Cleartrip Gift Card, Thomas Cook Gift Voucher, Yatra Gift Card, and EaseMyTrip Gift Card, etc.

List of Best Travel Gift Cards & Gift Vouchers:

Shop MakeMyTrip Gift Voucher with cashback and discount on Zingoy starting at Rs.500! Use it to book flights, holiday packages, honeymoon packages, book hotels, etc.

Cleartrip is one of the top booking sites in India. You can book international air tickets, domestic air tickets, book your online bus tickets and much more. Buy a Cleartrip Gift Card on Zingoy and use it to make your booking on Cleartrip more seamless.

  • Thomas Cook Gift Voucher

Explore a range of Thomas Cook Gift Vouchers available on Zingoy. Starting at just Rs.1000, these vouchers allow you to plan your dream vacations, book flights, hotels, book holiday packages and travel packages. You can also use Thomas Cook Gift Vouchers to book India Tour Packages. 

Yatra established in 2006 is an online travel agency that is popularly known as one of the best sites to book flights, hotels and travel vacations. Shop Yatra Gift Card on Zingoy with cashback and discount.

EaseMyTrip is another travel agency and a popular choice of travel partner for many people. If you are planning a travel trip internationally or domestically, you must have come across this name at least once. On Zingoy, you can easily purchase an EaseMyTrip gift card for an extra exciting discount and cashback. 

Shop a Wide Range of Travel Gift Cards on Zingoy 

There’s a reason why Zingoy is among the top choice for a gift card and cashback site. We not only offer you exciting cashback and discounts on purchasing gift cards from us but also provide you an option to easily send a travel voucher as a gift. Not to mention, the wide range of Travel Gift Cards, Zingoy offers you to choose from. Find a range of Travel Gift Cards (India) and International Travel Gift Cards such as the following:

  • Airline Travel Gift Cards 

  • Flight Gift Vouchers 

  • Hotel Travel Gift Cards 

  • Bus Booking Vouchers 

  • Domestic Travel Gift Cards (India)

  • International Travel Gift Cards 

  • Holiday Gift Vouchers 

  • Honeymoon Package Gift Cards 

  • Travel Tour Gift Cards 

  • Shop Travel Gift Cards with Cashback 

  • Send or Gift a Travel Gift Card to Your Friend or Family

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where can I buy travel gift cards & vouchers in India instantly ?

You can buy popular travel gift cards across brands like MMT, Cleartrip, Yatra etc using Zingoy with extra cashback offer.