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Udyan Tea is the online haven of fresh, authentic, strong and aromatic tea at wholesale prices. Here you will get to select from a wide variety of tea like Black, Green, Oolong, White, Herbal and Flavoured carefully curated from the gardens of Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri and Nepal. You can even order sampler packs from Udyan Tea before deciding. To make your morning cup of tea even more rejuvenating, Zingoy brings you some refreshing deals and discounts on Udyan Tea, right here. With Zingoy, you can also earn steaming hot cashback on all your and your friends’ orders from Udyan Tea.
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Exclusive Udyan Tea Cashback Offers with Coupons & Promo Code

Rose Marvel Green Tea at Rs.441 only
  • A premium blend of green tea with rose petals that combines the natural aroma of roses with the delightful taste of green tea. 
  • A romantic tea to be enjoyed with your partner while savouring the mellow taste with a lingering sweetness that comes with every sip.
Imperial Earl Grey Black Tea at Rs.410 only
  • Imperial Earl Grey Tea blend is our take on the classic English afternoon tea. 
  • A distinctive medley of fresh high-grown black tea with superior quality natural Bergamot oil. 
  • A truly rejuvenating tea experience.
Teaware collection starting from Rs 249 only
  • Udyan Tea offers wide range of teaware collection like tea spoon, tea timer, cups, infuser, travel bottle.
  • Checkout landing page for more details
Beginner's Sampler Collection at Rs.400
  • Sample the delights of premium teas from Darjeeling with Udyan Tea Beginner's Collection. 
  • Featuring five varieties of our finest Black, Green, Oolong, and Flavoured teas from different seasons, each flavour is distinct and well savoured by beginners and tea connoisseurs alike. 
  • This pack contains 4 teas (10 gms each).
Black Tea Multi Region Sampler at Rs.475 only
  • An excellent way of experiencing our best black teas in one sampler pack. 
  • Steep and sip our carefully selected blends to expand and engage your black tea knowledge. 
  • Each tea is meticulously packed to ensure the aroma is preserved. 
  • This pack contains 4 teas (10 gms each)
Green Tea Sampler at Rs.437 only
  • Embark on a sensory journey to the hills of Darjeeling and Nepal with Udyan Tea's specially curated Green Tea Sampler Pack. It comprises of different varieties of green tea to help you choose a delightful experience for your palate. This pack contains 4 teas (10 gms each).
Ayurveda Tea At Just Rs.549 For 40 Cups
The goodness of tea combined with the medicinal properties of Ayurveda. Formed by combining a bunch of spices, this tea is slightly hot and spicy, but the predominant flavour is a soothing one of clove with hints of turmeric. Let the deep orange tea with a spicy and slightly pungent aroma satiate your senses and heal your body.
A finely selected tea from a high grown tea estate, Darjeeling Summer Glory Black Tea is a unique blend with a well-balanced flavour profile. Tips of the tea bush are rolled into a wiry tea that brews into an amber cup with a sweet fruity aroma. The high caffeine tips lend this tea a strong flavour that is citrusy and woody, which will surely add zeal and enthusiasm to your day. Liven your senses with a bold cup of tea having a clear characteristics of the famous Darjeeling Muscatel flavour.
HIMALAYAN MIST WHITE TEA| A gentle white tea from the exotic hills of Nepal At Just Rs. 799
Himalayan Mist White Tea comes from hills of Nepal and is a spring flush variation of white tea. This bright orange coloured tea has a sweet floral aroma with strong hints of roses that evokes a sense of calm beauty. The silky texture, the refreshing rose flavour with vegetal notes, and the sweet aftertaste create the classic white tea flavour that's to die for.
DRAGON CLAWS OOLONG TEA| Speciality and oolong tea from the Himalayan mountains At Just Rs. 599
Dragon Claws Oolong Tea is a high grown, handcrafted speciality tea from the Himalayan range of Nepal. The silver tippy leaves with clean, twisted appearance exude an air of luxury, which is reinforced in the brewed cup as well. The liquor has a sweet floral flavour with textural hints of almonds and aroma of fresh flowers and roasted nuts.
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Udyan Tea Offers CategoryOffers
Beginner's Sampler Collection at Rs.400 Collection at Rs.400
Teaware collection starting from Rs 249 only starting from Rs 249 only
Imperial Earl Grey Black Tea at Rs.410 only at Rs.410 only
Rose Marvel Green Tea at Rs.441 onlyat Rs.441 only