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About Pizza Hut Gift Cards

List of Pizza Hut Gift Cards & E-Gift Vouchers with Cashback

eVoucher Value Validity Period Cashback
Rs. 10000.00 Dec 6, 2024 19 %
Rs. 5000.00 6-12 Months 8 %
Rs. 2000.00 6-12 Months 8 %
Rs. 1500.00 Jul 31, 2025 16.67 %

Pizza Hut Gift Cards: Enjoy Pizzas & More Hassle-Free!

Pizza Hut Gift Cards are the perfect way to relish your love for Pizzas and Sides from this popular restaurant chain in India. These Pizza Hut restaurant gift cards ensure that you pay nothing for your food and simply enjoy the best pizza flavors. You can Buy Pizza Hut e-Gift Cards for your office mates, friends, family, and send anyone for the love of Pizzas. What’s great, you can even treat yourself with Pizza Hut digital gift cards because there are a plethora of offers available.

Pizza Hut Gift card  e-vouchers

If you are looking for a Pizza Hut birthday gift then this is the best way to celebrate. Simply redeem via Pizza Hut gift certificate and you are good to go! You can use it for online Pizza Hut delivery and also for dine-in, still check beforehand. There’s also a Pizza Hut gift box which is a good deal on offer. People searching for Pizza Hut gift cards near me should ensure genuineness since these are sent electronically except Pizza Hut physical gift cards. The physical ones include customizations for occasions like birthday, appreciation, love, Diwali, Christmas, etc. Pizza lovers can also try Dominos gift cards which also offer good cashback!

Why Buy Pizza Hut Gift Cards from Zingoy Cashback?

Pizza Hut gift cards can be purchased from Zingoy Cashback. There are many reasons to buy Pizza Hut virtual gift cards from here. Let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

  • upto 50% guaranteed Cashback on Pizza Hut e-Gift Cards.

  • Redeem Cashback as 100% Bank Transfer or Free Gift Cards from Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Dominos, BookMyShow, and 200+ Popular Gift Card merchants.

  • Highest Cashback Rates.

  • Bank & Wallet offers for more Cashback earnings. Usually they are from Mobikwik, OlaMoney Postpaid, Paytm, and PhonePe.

  • 10-days Buyer Protection ensures there is no Pizza Hut gift card not working issues.

You can choose the Pizza Hut gift card value from the available ones. Once you buy it you will get the Pizza Hut gift card code number and pin in your email. Simply use them for Pizza Hut gift card redemption. The Pizza Hut gift card activation is done automatically so you don’t need to do it. Pizza Hut prepaid cards are the same, still you can checkout Zingoy prepaid cards which offer exciting benefits and rewards.

Piping Hot Pizza Hut Gift Card offers to Save Big! 

Before buying, always check for Pizza Hut Gift Card offers as they can get you great savings. These can be in the form of discounts, cashback, and rewards. Let’s have a look at some of the best Pizza Hut Gift Card offers.  

Pizza Hut Wednesday offers

The Pizza Hut Wednesday offers get you a Buy1Get1Free on all ranges of Pizzas. These may be valid at select outlets and dine-in only so do checkout before availing this Pizza Hut special offer. 

Pizza Hut Friday Unlimited offers

The Pizza Hut Friday offers will get you Unlimited Pizzas at just ₹249. You can order from any Pizza Hut category. Price may change based on location and company’s decision so again check beforehand. These may also be available via Pizza Hut online offers. 

Pizza Hut Gift Card Coupons for Discounts

Pizza Hut Coupons are the best way to get good discounts. The flat 50% Pizza Hut discount offer is the popular one here. Simply apply it at checkout on Pizza Hut Coupon Code section and enjoy discounts. 

Pizza Hut Gift Card New User offers

As a Pizza Hut New User you can save more than anyone else. There are Pizza Hut New User coupons you can benefit from. Other benefits include free delivery, free Pepsi, garlic bread, and more.

Pizza Hut Refer a Friend offer

Simply refer friends, family, and colleagues to Pizza Hut and enjoy lucrative rewards. The company keeps on switching on and off this offer, but when active it is a good grab. The Pizza Hut gift card deals are also fine grabs.

Pizza Hut Gift Card Cashback offers

Grab Pizza Hut Gift Card Cashback offers from Zingoy and earn upto 50% cashback. You can use this cashback to buy branded Gift Cards for free. Also you can transfer it to your bank account. These cashback earnings are over & above your discounts so gets you that extra savings angle! 

Pizza Hut Gift Card Free offers

Yes, it's true! You can get Pizza Hut Gift Cards for free. As said earlier, the cashback you earn from Zingoy can be used to buy a Pizza Hut Gift Card number for free. So why any other, redeem it on Pizza Hut e-gift cards to get them for free. 

Grab Online Pizza Hut Gift Cards for Food Delivery 

There are some Pizza Hut Gift Cards that work only for dine-in and takeaway whereas there are some which can be used for Pizza Hut online delivery. You can apply the latter ones at checkout on Pizza Hut app and website. People often ask, can you use a pizza hut gift card online? Well, it all depends on the platform from where you are purchasing. Mostly you will find Pizza Hut e-Gift Cards that can be used at offline stores in India. You can also buy Swiggy Gift Card vouchers online and then place your Pizza Hut orders from there.

Pizza Hut Today offers for Everyday Savings on Gift Cards! 

Everyday, Pizza Hut comes up with some or the other offer. This does not mean they are just for the sake of it. Just like Pizza Hut Friday and Wednesday offers, Pizza Hut Today offers will help you save good. Checkout some of the popular ones below to save on Pizza Hut Gift Cards. 

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free

  • Upto 50% off

  • Pizza Hut Combo offers

  • Upto 30% Cashback

  • Free Garlic Bread, Choco Volcano Cake, etc. 

There might also be Pizza Hut Today Coupons so keep hunting! Also, Eatsure Gift Card offers might excite you.

How to Check Pizza Hut Gift Card Balance?

You can check your Pizza Hut e-Gift Card balance and expiry date by Sending card number to 57575577 via sms. You can also check it online from the platform you bought it from or contact your Pizza Hut gift card sender. Online Pizza Hut Gift Cards are again ecards that come with a card number, pin, and expiry date.

Pizza Hut Gift Vouchers for Online Discounts!

There are Pizza Hut Online Vouchers in India available with set denominations like ₹100, ₹250, ₹500, ₹1000, and may go up to ₹10,000. The best part about these Pizza Hut e-vouchers is that they may be available at discounted prices. You can use Pizza Hut vouchers for delivery as well.

The Pizza Hut voucher codes for today are also available. The SBI Card Pizza Hut voucher and the one from HDFC are popular ones.

Pizza Hut buffet vouchers are also good, but not available all the time. You can check your Pizza Hut voucher balance and validity via SMS and online platforms. The Pizza Hut restaurant vouchers are similar to gift cards. Moreover, Pizza Hut voucher deals are something not to miss.

You can get a Pizza Hut voucher from here itself. To redeem, apply the Pizza Hut online voucher code at checkout. However, Pizza Hut cash vouchers may not work. Finally, a McDonalds gift voucher is a good go-to option if you are over Pizzas!

How to Sell Pizza Hut e-Gift Vouchers Online? 

If you have unused Pizza Hut e-Gift Vouchers then you can sell them online via Zingoy. Moreover, you get the best price for your Pizza Hut gift cards. Here, Pizza Hut e-gift cards are sold quickly and hassle-free with a dedicated customer support team. 

Corporate Pizza Hut Vouchers at Bulk Discounts!  

Are you looking for Corporate Pizza Hut Vouchers at Bulk Discounts? Here you will get the best bulk discount on Corporate Pizza Hut gift cards. Moreover, you get instant delivery of Pizza Hut corporate e-gift vouchers. Also, the support team ensures that your vouchers are safe and used well.

Pizza Hut related Gift Cards

Checkout some of the best gift cards related to Pizza Hut with Cashback offerings below.

This was all about Pizza Hut Gift Cards and how to save on them. You can also checkout one4all Pizza Hut deals for group savings

Pizza Hut Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I avail my Pizza Hut voucher?

You can avail your Pizza Hut vouchers from Zingoy. What’s more, you earn upto 50% cashback on Pizza Hut gift vouchers which can be redeemed for bank transfer or to buy gift cards for free.

Q2. Can we redeem Pizza Hut vouchers online?

Yes, you can redeem Pizza Hut vouchers online. However, it depends on the T&Cs of the platform from where you purchased them.

Q3. How do I check the balance on my Pizza Hut gift card?

Simply SMS your Pizza Hut gift card number to 57575577 to get details of balance and expiry date. You can also check Pizza Hut gift card balance online from the platform you purchased it from.

Q4. What is a gift card in Pizza Hut?

Pizza Hut gift cards are prepaid cards of a particular amount which allows you to enjoy Pizza Hut food for free. You can send Pizza Hut Gift Cards to friends and family. Mostly they come in the form of Pizza Hut e-Gift Cards.

Q5. How do I use & redeem my Pizza Hut gift card?

For offline redemption, dine-in or takeaway at Pizza Hut and during billing show your Pizza Hut Gift Card to the cashier. For Pizza Hut online delivery, apply the Pizza Hut Gift Card number and pin at checkout on Pizza Hut app or website. Do check beforehand whether your Pizza Hut Gift Card will work online or offline.