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About Biba Gift Cards
Biba is an Indian fashion brand and the word Biba means ‘pretty woman’ in the Punjabi language. Standing up to its name, Biba aims to provide traditional yet fashionable merchandise to women and girls. It was founded by Mrs Meena Bindra in 1988 from her house with a small loan of Rs.8000. Since then the brand has grown to have more than 150+ brand outlets and branches across India.

Biba Gift Cards

What are Biba Gift Cards?

Biba Gift Cards or Biba Gift Vouchers are shopping e-voucher that allows customers to seamlessly pay for their purchases on Biba, all by entering a simple 16-digit code at the time of checkout. You can also buy Biba Gift Cards on Zingoy and get additional discounts and cashback on your gift card purchase. 

How Can I Buy a Biba Gift Voucher or Gift Card?

You can buy a Biba Gift Card on Biba’s official website or on a cashback shopping site such as Zingoy for additional discount offers. Just visit and find the Biba store amongs the other 200+ brands available. Select the amount of Biba Voucher you wish to purchase, go through the details and instructions given, and complete the transaction. Upon successful purchase, you will receive the Biba Gift Card 16-digit secret code as well as PIN in your Email ID or on SMS. You can now use this Biba Gift Card code to complete your purchases on the Biba official website.

Can I customize the amount of the Biba gift card?

You can shop for Biba Gift Cards and E-vouchers in any denomination or amount as per your budget. At Zingoy, we have Biba Gift Cards starting from Rs.250 and going up to Rs.2000. 

How to send Biba Gift Card to Someone?

Biba Gift Cards are not just a popular choice of shopping vouchers among Biba fans and lovers. People also like to gift Biba e-vouchers to their friends, family, and loved ones. If you too are thinking of sending Biba Gift Card to your friend, family, or someone else, you can do that easily on Zingoy. 

Steps to Send Biba Gift Card to a Friend, Family, or Someone

  1. Visit Zingoy 

  2. Select the amount of Biba Gift Card you would like to send 

  3. At the time of checkout, enter the Email ID of the person you wish to send the Biba Gift Voucher to

  4. We will deliver the Biba Gift Card to the shared Email address within a few hours 

Can I use Biba Gift Card online?

When you buy Biba Gift Cards or Biba Gift Vouchers from Zingoy, you get the assurance of them being redeemable online as well as you can use multiple Biba Gift Cards in one single bill. To ensure you are following the latest terms and conditions, we encourage you to check the Gift Card Details section before you make a purchase.

Can I use Biba Gift Card or E-voucher at offline Biba Stores?

You can only use Biba Gift Vouchers & E-vouchers online on Biba’s official website store. 

How Long Is Biba Gift Card or Gift Voucher Valid?

All Biba Gift Cards & Biba Vouchers that you purchase through Zingoy are valid for 6 to 12 months. For detailed validity dates, be sure to check the complete details about the Biba Gift Voucher or you can also visit your dashboard on Zingoy to find it out.

Biba Gift Card Balance Check 

If you bought a Biba E-Voucher with us, you can check your Biba Gift Card balance in your Zingoy Dashboard. Just log in to your account and visit your dashboard for complete details. 

Biba Gift Card on Discount & Cashback Deal

One of the best parts about shopping through Gift Cards is that it unlocks additional discounts and cashback offers for you. Biba Gift Cards on Discounts & Cashback are available to shop on Zingoy. Whether you are buying a Biba Gift Card, want to send a Biba Gift Card, or wish to buy a Gift Card from some other brand, you can find it all on Zingoy. To find the latest cashback offers on buying Biba Gift Cards, we encourage you to check out the Offer Details section beforehand.

Biba Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Can I get an Biba Gift Voucher?

You can buy Biba gift cards at Zingoy with extra cashback offer.