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About Puma Gift Cards

List of Puma Gift Cards & E-Gift Vouchers with Cashback

eVoucher Value Validity Period Cashback
Rs. 2000.00 Jul 27, 2024 33.45 %
Rs. 1500.00 6-12 Months 10 %
Rs. 1000.00 6-12 Months 10 %
Rs. 750.00 6-12 Months 10 %

Puma e-gift vouchers India: Gift Fitness, Sports Love, Activewear!

Puma is one of the world’s leading sports brands. It believes in working as hard as the best athletes do. Thus, you will find commitment, great quality, endurance, high durability, and amazing customer support in its products and services. Puma is now for more than 75 years! With 20k+ employees, it achieved 75771+ Crores of sales in 2022 Worldwide! Thus, Puma India’s e-gift vouchers are a great way to show love for Fitness, Sports, and Being Active! These Puma e-gift vouchers can be used to buy sneakers, sports shoes, gym & training gear, t-shirts & activewear, motorsport gear, and many more offerings by Puma!

Puma Gift Cards and vouchers


Puma gift certificate cashback offers

Puma gift certificate cashback offers can get you as high as 40% cashback! You can use this cashback to buy Puma gift cards for free! Also, it can be transferred to a bank or redeemed for 200+ top brand gift certificates. You can save more over Puma gift voucher cashback with payment offers (cards, wallet, UPI, etc).


Where to buy Puma gift cards? 

You can buy Puma gift cards from Zingoy on its website and mobile app. Zingoy is the official 3rd party provider of Puma gift cards so you don’t have to worry at all. Here, you can buy from the company itself or other sellers who don’t want their Puma gift cards anymore.


How to redeem a Puma gift voucher?

If you have a Puma online gift voucher then it will be redeemed on Puma website and app. Offline ones will be redeemed on Puma factory outlets, multi-brand stores, and Puma official retail stores. However, make a note that there are also such Puma gift vouchers which can only be redeemed at Puma official retail outlets! To redeem, simply apply your Puma gift voucher code and PIN. If the order value is more than the voucher value then you need to pay the balance by other payment modes (cash, internet banking, pay later, etc). For vice-versa, your voucher balance will expire as you can use a Puma gift voucher only once so make sure you utilize the entire amount in 1 transaction.


How to check Puma gift card balance?

You can check your Puma gift card balance by contacting Zingoy’s customer care team on 6390063000, also via Whatsapp. You can even email on [email protected] or raise a ticket under the ‘Support’ section of your account. If you have a 1-time usable Puma gift card then there is no point in checking the remaining balance as all amount gets used up after redemption.

Puma gift card discount offers

Grab discounts on Puma gift cards via coupon codes, bank & wallet (Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, etc.) offers, credit card reward points redemption, and partner rewards. Many times the discounts are auto-applied so you just need to relax! Besides, cashback is also a good deal if it is more than the discount value. For example, a Puma ₹1000 gift card on Amazon gets you a 10% discount i.e. ₹100 savings while on Zingoy it gets you 40% cashback so on your next Puma ₹500 gift card purchase i.e. for ₹1500 total spent, you save ₹400 i.e. 27%! Thus, cashback gave you a 27% savings compared to 10% via discount! Moreover, that next purchase will earn you cashback again!


How to use a Puma gift card online (.com/website) in India?

Simply visit Puma’s official website or app, add products to cart, and at checkout select ‘Gift Card’ for payment. Now, apply your Puma gift card code and PIN correctly for successful redemption. Puma’s online gift cards can be used multiple times until the balance gets exhausted.


Puma e-gift cards for offline usage

Puma e-gift cards for offline usage include Puma retail stores, multi-brand stores, and factory outlets. Check your Puma e-gift card redemption acceptability because it may not work in some of these offline store categories. You can show the Puma e-gift card in your mobile itself to the cashier for redemption.


How to get Puma gift cards for free?

This is rare to get, still try to grab free Puma gift cards via credit card offers, social media contests of Puma India official, and in-store activities during mega sale events like End of Season Sale, Diwali Sale, Summer Sale, and Year End Sale.

How to sell Puma gift cards?

You can sell your unused & unwanted Puma gift cards on Zingoy. The processing fees are as low as 5%. You can even give cashback (more cashback = less processing fee) to customers so that your Puma gift cards sell quickly and you build a trust among buyers so that they always buy from you. 

  • Visit Zingoy and Login/Signup

  • Under ‘Gift Cards’ (top left) select ‘Sell Gift Card’

  • In the search bar, type ‘Puma’ and select the Puma Gift Card store.

  • Now enter your Puma Gift Card number, pin, expiry date, redemption type, balance, selling price, and Additional Terms (if any).  

You can see the Current Puma Gift Card Listings on the left. It will help you set the selling price well. You will get the payments within 10 days due to the ‘10 days protection’ scheme for the buyers.

Puma cash voucher details

Puma cash vouchers help you shop for Puma products hassle-free & cash-free! However, they might be bound to restrictions like already discounted products, items on sale, etc. which cannot be used against the Puma cash voucher. This is the reason why today Puma gift vouchers are preferred over these.


Puma ₹6000 e-voucher details

Puma ₹6000 e-voucher will let you shop for Puma products worth ₹6000. This does not mean that their MRP should total to ₹6000, it's the order value that is calculated. However, check the Puma e-voucher T&Cs beforehand because there are many different types of vouchers available.

Puma Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are there discounts on Puma e-gift vouchers?

Puma e-gift vouchers are relatively new in the market so the company comes up with promotional discount offers. Also, it helps them in revenue generation and increasing the customer base. Thus, win-win for all!

Q2. What all can I buy from my Puma e-gift card?

Puma shoes, sneakers, apparels, and all Puma products can be bought via a Puma e-gift card. However, some Puma e-gift cards have restrictions like sale items, buy 1 get 1 free, and other discount offers if available then you cannot use them so check before buying. 

Q3. How do I use my Puma e-voucher on Amazon?

You cannot use a Puma e-voucher on Amazon. It can only be used on Puma official website, app, retail stores, multi-brand stores, and factory outlets subject to your Puma e-voucher T&Cs.