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If you are a foodie, you will love Foodpanda as much as you love food. With its tempting offers and prompt service, Foodpanda can easily convert anybody in to a foodie. Be it a quick takeaway or a full-course dinner, ordering food on Foodpanda is super quick, easy and fun as it brings all the best food joints and restaurants at your fingertips. To make your food even yummier, Zingoy brings you all the hottest Foodpanda offers and discounts on a single page here. Also, the more you order, eat and share on Zingoy, the more cashback you earn on all your own and your friend’s Foodpanda orders.
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About Foodpanda

Foodpanda is one of the largest Indian food network covering more than 110 cities. Life has become so fast paced for most of us that, at times, it becomes difficult to even have a proper sit-down meal. Whether you are feeling hungry or like to order something from your favorite food. Foodpanda is your perfect panacea.

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Ordering food on Foodpanda using Zingoy comes with its own share of benefits. While getting all the latest Foodpanda coupons, promo comes and offers in one place is one advantage, here are some others:

Foodpanda Offers + Cashback: Availing Foodpanda promo code and offers via Zingoy brings you cashback over and above the running offers. Simply choose the offer you like, copy the Foodpanda promo code, if any, and click ‘Shop & Earn’. Continue shopping and complete the payment online to earn cashback.

Earning Cashback on Sharing Foodpanda Offers: At Zingoy you can earn cashback on other Foodpanda orders as well. Just copy an offer or store link, paste it in ‘Joy of Sharing’ pane on top of this page and click ‘Get Link’. Share the newly generated link with your friends and family, and your Zingoy account will be credited with the cashback value. As a result, you will continue to earn Zingoy cashback on purchases made by your friends.

Zingoy Referral Cashback: Just share your Zingoy referral link with your contacts, get a friend or family member to join Zingoy and you earn some instant cashback just like that!

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Be it a get-together or a party, the food choice and taste will vary from person to person. As a result, a traditional phone call to a single restaurant will not help. This is where Zingoy can help you order all that you want at a highly discounted price, most importantly in a single go.

Zingoy is a leading cashback portal where you can come across a wide range of Foodpanda offers. Now you don’t have to go from one place to another find valid Foodpanda coupons or promo code to get a decent discount on your order. Just browse this page for what you want.

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