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Fly Over Virtual Cities - 30 Minutes Be a pilot for 30 min : Tickets at Rs.1050
Experience the thrill of flying over Vegas or any other city of your choice across the globe on a virtually realistic Boeing 737 with Flight 4 Fantasy. If you crave to take controls of the flight from the cockpit itself, you are in luck. Have a first-hand flying experience of a Boeing 737 with Flight4 Fantasy. All this in a realistic cockpit environment, glowing with the lights of the controls and instruments. With professional guidance, you will be a pilot, flying a plane. You will be rewarded with a certificate at the end of the experience making you a legit virtual pilot. To make it more realistic and fun, you'll have to make a difficult choice between identifying some famous landmarks or exploring the cockpit screens, instruments and controls. Bon Voyage!
Expiring In 28 days
Paramotoring With The Family : Tickets from Rs.2500
Has paramotoring been on your mind lately as the ideal weekend activity? Paramotors (also known as Powered Paragliders) combine the easy flying characteristics of a paraglider with the autonomy and range of powered flight. Paramotors are relatively easy to learn to fly, and being foot launched, they can take-off from an open, flat field, provided you have permission, and as long as there no hazards such as trees, livestock or bystanders. 
Expiring In about 2 months
Xoxoxday Discount Offer : Day Pass To Della Adventure from Rs.2065
For those who are seeking an adventurous one day trip near Mumbai and Pune, Della Adventure lets you enjoy an absolutely thrilling time with a bunch of your friends or family. Cloud-hugs, picturesque landscapes, and exciting activities carry memories of a lifetime by visiting Della Adventure. During the day out, you can indulge in activities like swoop swing, flying fox, rocket ejector, motocross dirt bike riding, aqua zorb, buggy ride, paint ball shooting, atv rides and bungee trampoline. Apart from adventure activities, Della also has staying facilities with Resort and Banquets, Board Room and Training Room Facilities. The cost of the package includes day pass to Della Adventure, access to all the adventurous activities, gaming zones, all the safety gears and equipment and assistance of experienced staff.
Expiring In 5 months
Family Camping At Kashid : Tickets from Rs.2098
The ideal weekend getaway should provide a pleasing change to your hectic routine and mental relaxation. What you need is a change in scenery. With our Kashid beach campsite you can trade the tarmac, rush, and worries of city life with an exotic blend of sun, sand, and total relaxation. This coastal paradise is just a three-hour drive away from the heart of Bombay and quite popular with tourists. However, Letscampout's site has none of the touristy trappings thanks to its unique location.
Xoxoday Discount Offers : Rent A Private Yacht For 2-Hours In Mumbai for Rs.1387
Rent a private yacht for 2-hours in Mumbai. Sailing on a X-S63 Yacht, whether with family or with a group, will surely be a great experience. While aboard, be assured of sailing in style and comfort. It is easy to sail for even novice sailors and the speedster kicks up in even the slightest breeze.
Expiring In about 2 months
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Family Camping At Kashid : Tickets from Rs.2098 Tickets from Rs.2098
Xoxoxday Discount Offer : Day Pass To Della Adventure from Rs.2065from Rs.2065
Paramotoring With The Family : Tickets from Rs.2500 : Tickets from Rs.2500
Fly Over Virtual Cities - 30 Minutes Be a pilot for 30 min : Tickets at Rs.1050: Tickets at Rs.1050

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