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Darjeeling Emperor Black Tea @695 (Mrp. 818)
GOPALDHARA EMPEROR is a delightful tea with a smooth full-bodied mouth-feel. Cocoa notes with almond like finish, warm and inviting over the palate pleasing in every way. There is a honeyed sweetness to this tea. The more the tea cools the fuller and more robust it becomes. A very pleasant tea in offering.
Expiring In 20 days
Himalayan Well Rolled Oolong Tea @765 (Mrp. 900)
Himalayan Oolong is an exotic variant from speciality tea manufacturing unit in Nepal. The tea has been crafted with the right amount of fermentation to give it a distinct taste and the characteristics of a good oolong. It is a great tea to start your day fresh as well as to refresh your mind at the end of a tiring day.
Expiring In 20 days
Nilgiris Twirl Oolong Tea @770 only
This is one of the best tea in India which has captured all the show in the recent years. Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea which is now being popularly used in India. It has a wide range of health benefits and tastes superior to its fellow cousins. The health benefits of this Nilgiris Twirl Oolong tea are basically doubled because of the combined qualities of black tea and green tea. This tea is a natural gift that is rich in antioxidants. The vibrant golden leaves brew to form a mild astringent cup with a mellow and earthy taste. Don’t miss the opportunity of trying this new delicacy!!!
Expiring In 20 days
Oaks Spring Special Darjeeling Black Tea at Rs.768 only
Surprise your palate with a softer, earthier, and dynamic flavor of this Darjeeling tea. Processed from one of the finest tea gardens (The Oaks Estate) in Darjeeling, this tea indulges in it the fineness and innate flavor of the Darjeeling. More of a balanced tea, its unique golden form will thaw away your heart. With every sip, you will be craving for more of this tea and trust us, that’s the real miracle behind this wonderful beverage. It is perfect for tea lovers who prefer “light flavored Teas.”
Expiring In 20 days
Teafloor Coupon Code : Flat 10% Off On Your Order (New Users)
Now buy your Tea Products from Teafloor and get flat 10% discount. Offer is valid for New Users only. Apply Coupon Code to Avail the Offer. Limited period offer.
Expiring In 20 days
Coupon Code : FIRST10
Teafloor Promo Coupon Code : Flat 20% Off on Orders
Offer is valid for New Users only. Now orders your Tea Products from Teafloor and get flat 20% discount. Apply Coupon Code to Avail the Offer. Limited period offer.
Expiring In 20 days
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Platinum Tea Collection at Rs.999 only
A Tea gift box which is a pack of most melodious and pungent Teas, all are of 6 different flavors. Each having 4 pieces of packets. When in mouth, the mind and brain relaxes and feels peaceful enough to take another cup. Their taste keeps you alive and motivated to start working again. A perfect gift for people who are always on work.
Expiring In 20 days
Trinity Tea Collection at Rs.799 only
Tea gift box having packets tightly closed containing the 3 wonders of tea, each of different flavors and aroma. Taste of heaven and melodious fragrance. Each having 4 pieces of packets. A perfect choice of beverage for luxurious get togethers, potlucks and hang outs.
Expiring In 20 days
Exotic Rose Green Tea at Rs.809
A premium blend of green tea with rose petals that infuses the sensational aroma of roses with the splendid taste of green tea. This is the richest form that you can get. The high quality of the blend and the exotic nature of the brew can make your taste buds go nuts! This is your go-to tea for the special occasions that can be enjoyed any time of the day.
Expiring In 20 days
Fresh Lemon Mojito Green Tea at Rs.828 (Mrp. 920)
A fresh, tangy and spicy flavored drink to get you going in the summers. You will definitely love the balance of this tea. The lemon and mint balance perfectly - not too tart, not to mouthwashy. It's not cloying but has a nice citrus flavor to it. This tea is amazing as it tastes great both ways, either hot or cold. Specially made for you, this tea encompasses natural flavor and gives you the promised taste. This tea is perfect in both hot summers and the cold winters. You can start you day with this energized drink, and the essential vitamins in it boost up your immune system. A must try for all of you!!!
Expiring In 20 days
Vanilla Swirl Green Tea at Rs.840 (Mrp. 1050)
Just like the vanilla soft serve ice cream, this vanilla flavor incorporated with green tea is a timeless and delicious dessert. This tea is famously known as the “Merry Cream Tea” among the Lebanese, “Soft Ice Tea” for the Scandinavians and probably has numerous names around the world. This tea was a result of an experimentation in which vanilla was being integrated in the green tea. This decadent infusion has all the creamy vanilla sweetness of the soft serve cone you first fell in love with as a kid. The only difference…? No calories and an added a swirl of lemongrass. Sweet! Isn’t it?
Expiring In 20 days
20% Off : Zesty Orange Green Tea at Rs. 840
A stimulating blend of green tea from garden and orange pulp notes, our new Zesty Orange Green tea is one of premium edition tea flavour. Choosing with the perfect ingredients of tropical blend with an earthy green base it delivers a sweet, tangy, and citrus flavors in your sip. It’s awesome for cleansing the whole organism and maintaining exuberance. ideal for those who want to lose weight.It’s a refreshing and rounded sip with a smooth and mellow finish that is as flavorful served hot as it is cooled over ice Rediscover the enduring aroma of tea with our orange blooming pulp!
Expiring In 20 days
15% Off : Clonal Wonder Darjeeling Black Tea @853 (Mrp. 1004)
Located on a mountain 4864 feet above sea level, Giddapahar is a short drive from Kurseong. The plantation is a small family owned estate, known as "Eagles Cliff". The tea from Giddapahar Estate is very delicate due to the lower temperatures here and also because the area itself is covered by mist for a good part of the year. Due to the temperature, the tea bushes from the estate produce a fine bouquet with great aromatic quality and a delicate floral smell. This muscatel tea is all personality. Its flavors are not complex, but definitely persistent. It has a luscious mouthfeel, a dense and vibrant profile, and that is everything that we look forward to in a Darjeeling muscatel black tea.
Expiring In 20 days
15% Off : Chocolate Black Tea at Rs.860
Who doesn’t love chocolates? Probably, everyone!!! Presenting you the perfect black tea loaded with relishing chocolate in it. A beverage of choice around the world, not only it does taste amazing but is a timeless treat around the world. It is 100% natural and is guaranteed to satisfy your inner chocolate lover. The liquor is velvety and smooth and has a aroma that fills your nostrils with a wonderful scent of cocoa. This tea will definitely warm your heart and set you crazy!!! This chocolate tea is highly rich in antioxidants, vitamins and mineral, and is a natural mood booster.
Expiring In 20 days
Chamomile Green Tea at Rs.864
Kick start your day with a cup of refreshing and lip-smacking tea from Teafloor. This tea is specially picked to give the best taste to you. Once given as a precious gift in China, let this unique tea be a gift from us to you. Made from the fresh tea leaves exclusively for our customers. A refreshing tea with a toasty and clean flavor which invigorates our minds with an essence of purity. Addition of chamomile helps to calm the mind and is perfect during the evenings when you want to retire and relax. This amazing tea is mild and soothing, and is an elite blend of green tea grown in the highlands of China and Ceylon. “A perfect for a perfect mind.”
Expiring In 20 days
Lavender Green Tea at Rs.900 only
This Green Tea with Lavender flowers is better known as “The Lavender Butterfly Tea” around the world. It is considered to be a pleasantly heady (or pungent as we say!) substitute for those who traditionally prefer black tea but would like to try a smooth version of green tea. This unique tea is a perfect blend of “Green Tea” with “organically culinary lavender,” both the ingredients crafted together to produce a amazingly healthy and amusingly aromatic and exclusive drink. This is high in antioxidants with low caffeine content. These exquisite lavender tea blends are considered to be stress-busters and are wonderfully refreshing, iced or traditionally hot, and especially when sweetened with lavender honey.
Expiring In 20 days
30% Off : Darjeeling Clonal Delight Black Tea @914 only
Another specialty tea from the Okyati Tea Estate in Darjeeling. Okyati is one of the oldest tea estates in India (Around 1870) and the tea is grown at an altitude of 4000 ft and above, which helps to produce some of the finest Darjeeling tea varieties. Tea from this estate is 100% bio organic certified and complies with the best world standards laid down for tea. Loaded with antioxidants and a tremendous taste, this tea is a bonus for health conscious and taste lovers, both. The tea has a perfect balance of astringency to well-rounded body. Shop today only!!!
Expiring In 20 days
15% Off : Pomegranate Green Tea at Rs.915
Using the ancient science where the juicy seeds of pomegranate had the reputation of healing the body, we present you with this ground breaking gren tea enhanced with pomegranate. A super duper tea with a delicious taste delicious and with great health benefits. This is a superfine green tea blended with the super-fruit pomegranate that makes you immune to all disease when consumed regularly (due to the high level of antioxidants).
Expiring In 20 days
Arya Ruby Darjeeling Black Tea at Rs.979 (mrp. 1125)
This is a rich, warm, easy-to-like tea from the prominent Arya tea estate. Reddish, boldly-twisted leaf with earth tone accents of cocoa. khaki and amber, sets off a smattering of velvety silver tips and a few green highlights. "Ruby" reveals a warm-toned amber liquor that exudes notes of toast, cinnamon and a pleasant, light spiciness. Subtle, without being plain, quiet and unassuming, without being tedious, it's a nice mahogany cup for the quiet afternoon or early evening.
Expiring In 20 days
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Nilgiris Twirl Oolong Tea @770 onlyUpto Rs. 504 Cashback
Himalayan Well Rolled Oolong Tea @765 (Mrp. 900)Upto Rs. 504 Cashback
Darjeeling Emperor Black Tea @695 (Mrp. 818)Upto Rs. 504 Cashback

Tea is the most preferred drink in the world, second only to water. Thus, it is no wonder that there is an online store, like Tea Floor, dedicated exclusively to tea. This portal brings you the widest range of world teas including green, black, white, oolongs, flavoured, herbal etc. from select farms in Darjeeling and other tea hubs of India. Interested in trying out different types of tea? Take your pick on Tea Floor, but go and buy via Zingoy, so that you can get cashback on your exotic cups of tea. You can also make your personal shopping links for Tea Floor and share them with your friends and family. Every time someone buys tea using your links, you earn some more cashback on it!
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