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14% Off On Shredded Chicken Spaghetti with Sausages
You're in for a treat! This delicious dish is made with marinated shredded chicken cooked with spaghetti tossed in a creamy white sauce with mushrooms and onions. Garnished with fresh parsley, finished off with parmesan and chicken frankfurters, complete this stellar, saucy bowl. Serves 1.
Expiring In 11 days
16% Off On Chicken Steak Broccoli Stir Fry
What happens when you dice a whole leg of chicken and marinate it in a piquant sauce doused in teriyaki? You get perfect cubes of chicken ready for a delicious stir fry! Add to these cubes of chicken some broccoli and other summer vegetable and toss them in with a delicious sauce filled with the goodness of Asian flavours – and you’ve got yourself a meal sans all the unwanted carbs. Wanna try something delicious, satisfying and good for you? Order it, already!
Expiring In 11 days
Freshmenu Discount: 31% Off On Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap
Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap- Dig into this spicy-tangy treat of cottage cheese, vibrant bell peppers and onions and drive those hunger woes away as they strike. Laid snugly in a soft Laccha Paratha, this dish will tickle your senses with its explosive flavours and hearty textures.
Expiring In 11 days
25% Off On BLT Chicken Club Sandwich (Available from 11:00AM)
Sigh in pleasure with these delicious layers of goodness. The layers come perfectly delicious with chicken bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, chicken ham and fried eggs to take you on a scrumptious journey you wont be able to forget. Comes with Potato Crisps on the side.
Expiring In 11 days
Freshmenu Wllness Wednesday Offer: Pay Using Paypal & Get 100% Cashback
Products Like Stir-Fried Chilli Paneer 'n' Quinoa Superbowl, Teriyaki Chicken Quinoa Superbowl, Peri Peri Chicken 'n' Quinoa Olive Rice, Jamaican Pulled Chicken Keto, Paneer Cutlets 'n' Quinoa-Chickpea Superbowl, Creamy Peppercorn Chicken with Brown Rice, Sesame Chicken Mega Salad - 791 kcal, FM Signature Roasted Chicken Caesar Mega Salad - 230 kcal, Russian Salad - 152 kcal. 100% Pure & Fresh Food.
Expiring In 11 days
Freshmenu Big March Sale : Flat 30% Off
Now get 30% discount on Freshmenu food orders. Get 30% off on 1st order + FREE Delivery and 50% Cashback using PayPal.
Expiring In 11 days
Freshmenu Chicken Chili Offer: 30% Off On Keto White Chilli Chicken
Freshmenu Discount Cashback: It isn’t just the name that’s catchy. Believe us, this creamy and cheese-laden keto meal is a tasty treat just waiting to happen to you! Green chillies, sautéed with onion and garlic, lend their heat to the julienned chicken breast that is tossed in. A dash of cumin and oregano, for that earthy-herby zing, bell peppers, zucchini and jalapeño invite a cheesy white sauce to generously baste the sautéed chicken. The White Chilli-Chicken, is topped off with mozzarella, cheddar, coriander and jalapeño and finished off in an oven for a little tan. Serves 1.
Expiring In 11 days
Freshmenu Dal Makhani 'n' Jeera Rice Offer: 30% Off
Garlic infused black dal simmered in our signature creamy tomato-based gravy, served on a bed of aromatic jeera rice, is garnished with fresh cream and coriander leaves. This makes the delicious staple, a notch higher. Serves 1.
Expiring In 11 days
30% Off On Paneer Butter-Masala 'n' Peas Pulao
If rice (chawal) is your thing and paneer butter masala makes you go weak in the knees, then this dish is meant for you! Delicious paneer tikka cooked in a rich tomato makhani gravy served on a bed of aromatic coriander pea rice. This is home food with a gourmet twist. Serves 1.
Expiring In 11 days
Freshmenu Biriyani Offer: 30% Off On Chicken Tikka Dum Biriyani
Freshmenu Chicken Dum Biriyani Promo Offer: Buy Chicken Tikka Dum Biriyani From Freshmenu are 100% Pure & Fresh. Safe Delivery at Your Doorstep. Accept all Payments Modes. Limited Offer.
Expiring In 11 days
Freshmenu Offer: Get 30% off on 1st order + FREE Delivery and 50% Cashback using PayPal
Order Food From Freshmenu and Get 30% Off On 1st Order. This Offer is For Paypal. Paypal User will Get Free Delivery + Extra 50% Off..100% Pure & Fresh Items. Offer Is Limited.
Expiring In 11 days
35% Off On Masala Omelette 'n' Garlic Bread
India has since long, lovingly adopted this very French omelette. From train stations to gourmet Indian-restaurants – masala omelettes are always on stand-by, a result of interlacing the good ol’ omelette with a quintessential masala, making it even more irresistible. Served with two slices of multi-grain garlic bread, we give you the fluffy, flavourful and fantastic masala omelette. Serves 1.
Expiring In 11 days
Freshmenu Discount Cashback: 18% Off On Junglee Sandwich 'n' Hash Browns
Freshmenu Discount Offer on Junglee Sandwich: What’s so junglee about a junglee sandwich? The fact that it’s absolutely wild, of course! Add some craziness to your day with our Junglee Sandwich - a veg sandwich loaded with paneer, cabbage, carrots and indulgent cheese layered between delicious marble-bread slices and served with golden-fried hash browns. Serves 1. 100% Pure & Fresh.
Expiring In 11 days
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25% Off On BLT Chicken Club Sandwich (Available from 11:00AM)25% Off
Freshmenu Discount: 31% Off On Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap 31% Off
16% Off On Chicken Steak Broccoli Stir Fry 16% Off
14% Off On Shredded Chicken Spaghetti with Sausages 14% Off

Freshmenu Offers Fresh, Delicious Food that always arrives promptly!

Fresh ingredients are at the very core of Freshmenu, ensuring that customers always get food which is nutritionally at its peak. Coupled with an ever-changing menu that leaves even their fiercely loyal customers guessing about its contents, Freshmenu offers a clearly refreshing approach to food preparation and delivery which has rarely been seen in India till now.

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From time to time, offers a variety of different Freshmenu promo codes which may be for:

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The first step to availing attractive Freshmenu cashback offers on Zingoy is, of course, to sign up (if you haven’t yet!) and login. After that:

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It is all of these various attractive facets that have repeatedly ensured Freshmenu patrons coming back to Zingoy to place their mouth-watering orders!

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