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Creamy Peppercorn Chicken with Brown Rice at Rs.189
Worcestershire sauce, barbeque sauce, dijon mustard combine gracefully and work their magic into the chicken that’s rested well before being grilled to its succulent best. Served with the brown rice, butter tossed veggies and grilled chicken breast, this meal will take you to your happy place. Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
Gochujang Fish Steak Bowl at Rs.229 (Rs.189 For New user)
Gochujang is known for its sweet heat, on everything from chicken to vegetables. A hearty and flavorful bowl, this dish is made with marinated fish grilled until cooked. The gochujang sauce graces the fish steak, marrying flavours that are absolutely lip smacking. Served on a bed of spicy sesame fried rice, with a portion of mix salad and olive relish. Sounds YUMMY? Order now!
Expiring In 5 days
30% Off On Creamy Peppercorn Chicken with Herb Rice (Rs.168 For New User)
Worcestershire sauce, barbeque sauce, dijon mustard combine gracefully and work their magic into the chicken that’s rested well before being grilled to its succulent best. Served with the trio of herb-rice, butter tossed veggies and grilled chicken breast, this meal will take you to your happy place. Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
Chilli Paneer ‘n’ Veg Fried Rice at Rs.149 (Rs.140 For New User)
Everyone claims they invented chilli paneer, but this could be because it’s just so simple and so good. The idea of combining bell peppers with paneer in a fiery sauce is an idea that works every single time. This time around, we’re pairing the deliciousness with a hearty vegetable fried rice. Cause sometimes… familiar food is where the heart’s at, right? Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
Lemongrass and Basil Lemonade at Rs.60 (Rs.42 For New User)
Our tribute to the all-time-favourite lemonade with Thai flavours of lemongrass and basil makes this refreshing drink an instant Summer cooler. 100% Pure & Fresh.
Expiring In 5 days
23% Off On Penne Alfredo with lemonade (Rs.182 For New User)
Alfredo di Lelio wished to cheer his wife up by serving her a tempting yet wholesome meal. He created a luscious cheese sauce to toss pasta in and the Alfredo Sauce was born. An ode to his genius, here’s our take on this much-loved recipe. Serves 1 and with lemonade
Expiring In 5 days
32% Off On Super Sunrise Brekkie
Several types of pesto can be found in Italy – sundried-tomato pesto, olive and caper pesto, mixed-herb pesto – but the pride of Genoa, Pesto alla Genovese stands out among them all. Our special blend of basil pesto makes this Pesto Chicken Sandwich even more special. Shredded, roasted chicken tossed with pesto, sliced, plump tomatoes and lettuce are layered between two slices of our toasted, marble bread. Serves 1. And Served with Masala Omelette 'n' Garlic Bread.
Expiring In 5 days
22% Off On Omelette Cheese Sandwich (Rs.91 For Mew User)
While Napolean Bonaparte was travelling through a small town in his attempt to take over the world, a peasant invited him for a meal – a humble, fluffy creation of eggs called the omelette. Did this stop the mighty Napolean? We aren’t sure what it did to Napolean, but we do know that fluffy omelettes slapped between two slices of our signature bread is a delicious, hearty breakfast-affair that will have you up and running! Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
28% Off On Keto Buffalo Meatballs 'n' Veggies (Rs.154 For New User)
These low-carb meatballs are bursting with flavor from buffalo sauce and ranch. Chicken mince along with herbs and seasonings are made into meatballs, baked to perfection and dunked in a delicious in-house buffalo sauce. Served with sauteed fresh colourful veggies like broccoli, zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms and onions. Cheesy ranch sauce is drizzled over the meatballs to give you the extra yumminess!
Expiring In 5 days
Jeera Rice and Smokey Butter Chicken with Lemonade at Rs.260
A succulent breast of chicken, marinated, grilled and basted with butter finds its match in a creamy and spicy tomato-based makhni gravy. Served with aromatic, steamed jeera-flavoured rice. And severed with Lemonade.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Discount Cashback: 16% Off On Cuisine Banana-Chocolate Smoothie Bowl
We've added your favorite toppings in this simple and sweet treat! Banana slices, delicious smoothie mixture are topped with apple slices, nut crumbles, butterscotch, pomegranate and almond flakes. A filling, superfood-packed breakfast that's perfect to start your day ahead. Just like you see how delicious it looks, grab your bowl now!
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Mini English Breakfast Discount Offer: 32% Off
The flavour is bright, brisk and a perfect breakfast. It revives you and goes beautifully with your favourite morning treat. Scrambled eggs, sausages tossed in a special seasoning are served alongside a mixed veg cutlet. This blend isn't just perfect for starting your day, but also great to get you through your busy schedule. Order now.
Expiring In 5 days
Methi Paneer 'n' Lachha Paratha at Rs.169
Methi and Paneer, this duo tastes awesome and gives a fantastic flavour to the curry. Moist paneer simmered in a rich, onion-garlic based gravy are paired with the noble fenugreek leaves to leave you tempting. Served with delicious Lachha Paratha.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Discount Cashback: 12% Off On Chicken Keema Samosa (Rs.105 For New User)
The Chicken Keema Samosa is a delicious blend of minced chicken tossed along with spices, onion, tomato and green chilli, covered with a crispy samosa covering making it perfect for anytime. Served with a delicious mint chutney. Perfect for the Ramadan festive.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Chicken Shawarma Wrap Offer: 22% Off (Rs.98 For New User)
Freshmenu Chicken Shawarma Wrap Discount Cashback: Shredded chicken marinated in hung curd and exotic spices, tangy pickled veggies and garlic aioli laid in a tortilla wrap; if this doesn't make your mouth water, what will! Don't wait, dig in. Now!
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu All User Coupons: Flat Rs.50 Off
Freshmenu All User Discount Promo Code: Order Food From Freshmenu and Get Amazing Cashback. 100% pure & Fresh. Always Delivered On Time. Hassle Free Delivery. Secure Payment Modes. Offer Ends Soon.
Expiring In 5 days
Coupon Code : FIT50
Freshmenu Promo Offer: Khubani Kofta 'n' Laccha Paratha at Rs.159
The use of Khubani or apricots in Hyderabadi and Awadhi cuisine is possibly a practice borrowed from the Moghuls! And boy should we say that the idea is fantastic! Paneer koftas stuffed with chopped apricot and dried mango, are deep fried and simmered in a rich, spicy tomato- and cashew-based gravy flavoured with the nutty char magaz (a mixture of pumpkin, cantaloupe, watermelon and cucumber seeds). Soft laccha parathas makes for a humble accompaniment to highlight the flavours of the audacious curry. Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Discount Cashback: Fresh Fruit Bowl at Rs.100
Finally, a bowl invented just to keep you afresh. The glorious colors of the fruits, makes this a great summer refresher bowl. A mix of bite sized pineapple, watermelon, muskmelon, papaya, apple, pomegranate; perfect to brighten up your day in the morning and fuel you up for the rest of the day.
Expiring In 5 days
American Lo Mein at Rs.139
Freshmenu Discount Coupons: The popular American take-out, Lo Mein, or stir-fried noodles, is a result of the fusion of two popular Cantonese staples – Cantonese Lo Mein and Cantonese Crispy Chow Mein. We take the best of both worlds to toss up a bowl of yummy comfort food just for you! Fresh assorted veggies and steaming-hot noodles straight out of the boiling pot are tossed in a sweet and hot Teriyaki-based sauce. Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
Lebanese Falafel Summer Bowl at Rs.165 (Rs.140 For New User)
A bowl full of greens, veggies, olives, falafel, tomato salsa and salad. Delicious, crispy and packed with flavor, falafels are a treat everyone should give themselves. Rice is sauteed with onions, garlic, carrot, olives, parseley and seasonings. Served with Tzatziki, tomato salsa, Israeli salad and falafels. It's a must-have bowl. Order now before you miss out!
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Discount Cashback Offers: Mango Lassi at Rs.70
Freshmenu Discount Promo Code: Every soul's favourite, the king of fruits takes on double duty as the summer sets in. Beat the heat with our delicious Mango Lassi. A perfect blend of mangoes,yogurt, sugar, and cream with a hint of cardamom and loads of yumminess.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Thai Chicken Wings Offer: At Rs.170
If we were to describe the taste of galangal, a cousin of the ginger family, it wouldn't be a fair match to its insinuating flavours. However, what we can do is lend this Asian ingredient’s sharp, citrusy nuances to a new, delicious recipe we whipped! Say hello to crispy fired chicken wings with a refreshing Thai twist, flavoured with lemongrass, basil, kaffir lime and our favourite, galangal. We won’t judge you for not wanting to share this one!
Expiring In 5 days
Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap at Rs.99 (Rs.88 For New User)
Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap- Dig into this spicy-tangy treat of cottage cheese, vibrant bell peppers and onions and drive those hunger woes away as they strike. Laid snugly in a soft Laccha Paratha, this dish will tickle your senses with its explosive flavours and hearty textures.
Expiring In 5 days
Spinach Paneer Sandwich at Rs.90 (Rs.77 For New User)
Scrumptious sandwich with a generous helping of paneer and spinach, gives you all that you need for a quick breakfast or snack. So, what are you waiting for? Bite into this freshly prepared sandwich anytime of the day. Served with mixed veg cutlets. 100% Pure & Fresh.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Magnum Hazelnut Offer: At Rs 86
Hazelnut flavoured dessert covered with thick belgian chocolate, and crunchy caramelised hazelnut pieces. 100% Pure & Fresh Items.
Expiring In 5 days
Jam-Centered Cheesecake at Rs.70 (Rs.49 For New User)
This delicious creamy cheesecake is baked with a flavorful swirl of strawberry compote, which not only makes it taste fruity, but look sensational, too! Sweet little cups are filled with Cheesecake batter on a sweet crumble base and piped with strawberry compote. Baked to perfection and Garnished with pistachio silvers. This cheesecake is as pretty to look at as it is delicious.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Discount Coupons: Red Velvet Chocolate Pastry at Rs.89 (Rs.84 For New User)
Somewhere in the list of ingredients rationed during World War II, beets or beetroots slipped into the confectioners’ list. Bakers realised that folding beet juice into the batter not only made the cakes more appealing but moist too! We take this classic a step further on the delicious-ladder and layer the red-velvet sponge with strawberry compote and dark-chocolate ganache, topping it with a decadent, chunky ring of dark chocolate. Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Discount Promo Code: 20% Off On Belgian Dark Chocolate Pastry
The irony of sinful Belgian chocolate – it was created by the Swiss! Whatever the fact, chocolate connoisseurs around the globe will forever be grateful to its creators and that’s a fact. Dark chocolate pastry is layered with some chewy-crushed nougat, a creamy Belgian dark chocolate mousse and topped off with a smooth, dual-shaded chocolate ganache. Who knew that a dark side could be this sweet! Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Cashback Offer: 14% Off On Homemade Chocolate Cake Slice
What better way to start the day? Bite into this dark chocolate cake that's generously layered with dark chocolate ganache and baked to perfection. This decadent and sinful dessert is all you will crave for with every bite. 100% Pure & Fresh Products.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Discount Promo Code: Lava Cake in a Jar at Rs.110 (Rs.98 For New User)
This 'cake in a jar' is truly a delectable dessert. It is carefully designed with layers of dark chocolate, crunchy nuts and dry fruit crumble. A melody of dark chocolate sprinkle is added to make it all the more indulgent. This dessert has won the hearts of many and is a stellar dish. Serves 1.
Expiring In 5 days
Freshmenu Snacks Offers: Snacks Starting at Rs.99
Snacks Like Spinach Corn Sandwich, BBQ Chicken Club Sandwich, Junglee Sandwich 'n' Hash Browns, Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Shredded Chicken Sandwich, Veggie Jalfrezi Wrap, Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap, Achari Paneer Tikka Wrap, Cheesy Veggie-Quesadilla and more...Pure & Fresh.
Expiring In 5 days
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Chilli Paneer ‘n’ Veg Fried Rice at Rs.149 (Rs.140 For New User)At Rs.149
30% Off On Creamy Peppercorn Chicken with Herb Rice (Rs.168 For New User)30% Off
Gochujang Fish Steak Bowl at Rs.229 (Rs.189 For New user)At Rs.229
Creamy Peppercorn Chicken with Brown Rice at Rs.189At Rs.189

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