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Bombay Shaving Company Shaving Cream at Rs.195
A shaving cream that also moisturises, creating a rich creamy lather that lifts your hair from the base. Lathers enthusiastically when met with an imitation badger brush.
Expiring In 3 months
Bombay Shaving Company Travel Kit at Rs.395 only
Our travel kit is designed to accommodate your needs for grooming on the go. The kit is spacious enough to ensure a comfortable fit for all your shaving products and more.
Expiring In 3 months
Bombay Shaving Company SHAVING BRUSH at Rs.795 Only
An imitation badger hair shaving brush with soft bristles that generate excellent lather. This brush glides elegantly on your skin, exactly like a badger would.
Expiring In 3 months
Products designed to take the monotony out of your shave. The scrub refreshes you. The brush and cream lather and moisturise. We even took the sting out of the post- shave balm. All you need is something to shave with.
Expiring In 3 months
PRECISION SAFETY RAZOR at Rs.1845 + Extra Discount Offer
Made in metal with a chrome finish, this precision safety razor is designed the way razors were supposed to be: sharp and heavy. If you’re the kind of person who would like to never make this decision ever again, this is for you.
Expiring In 3 months
6-PART SHAVING SYSTEM at Rs.2995 only
A complete shaving kit with scrub, razor, cream, brush, blades and a post-shave balm. Suitable for all kinds of faces, especially the ones with sensitive skin. Except your baby's. Included: Razor (w/ Mild and Aggressive clamps), Blades, Scrub, Cream, Brush, Balm and Towel
Expiring In 3 months
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    240.0₹ Per Sale
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