Adani Duty Free Cashback Offer: UPTO Rs 40 Cashback + 80% OFF

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Default Payout
₹ 40 / Per Sale
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5 Mins
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45 days

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  • Empty Cart Before Zingoy: Clear your cart for accurate tracking via Zingoy.
  • Clear Cookies: Ensure a secure transaction by clearing cookies.
  • Cashback Excludes Extra Costs: Cashback is based on the purchase amount, excluding shipping and taxes.
  • Payment for Confirmed Orders: Receive payment only for confirmed orders.
  • Flexible Earnings Redemption: Redeem Adani Duty Free earnings as vouchers or in your bank account.

Also Remember

  • No Reselling or Bulk Buying: Reselling or buying in bulk is not permitted.
  • Non-Zingoy Coupons Excluded: Coupons not provided by Zingoy or available on the website will not be eligible for payment.
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    • Complete your transaction in one session within 30 minutes.
    • We recommend using browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari for Zingoy transactions.