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About kiehls Gift Cards

List of kiehls Gift Cards & E-Gift Vouchers with Cashback

eVoucher Value Validity Period Cashback
Rs. 5000.00 6-12 Months 4 %
Rs. 4000.00 6-12 Months 4 %
Rs. 3000.00 6-12 Months 4 %
Rs. 2000.00 6-12 Months 4 %

Kiehls India Gift Card Online

Kiehls is an American cosmetics and skincare brand with products catering to skincare, haircare, and bodycare, powered by Science and nature. It is known as a global luxury brand for skincare and what was once started as a single pharmacy in Manhattan today has presence worldwide including India. You can find a range of products on Kiehls such as face masks, face oils, face serum, face and body creams, lip care & more.

How to Buy a Kiehls Gift Voucher Online?

 To buy Kiehls gift card online, you can visit the Kiehls official website. Select the gift card value you wish to purchase, fill the rest of the details such as recipient’s email, name, message, etc. You can also easily buy a Kiehls gift voucher online by visiting Zingoy and following the below steps:

  1. Visit Zingoy and go to the Kiehls India gift card page 

  2. Select the gift card value you wish to purchase (starts at as low as ₹500)

  3. Read the terms and conditions

  4. Be sure to check the validity of the gift card before purchasing

  5. Once done, proceed to the payments page 

  6. Check any discount offers available to save more on purchasing Kiehls gift voucher online in India

  7. Proceed with the payment 

  8. After successful payment, you will receive Kiehls India gift voucher in your given email address

You can use this Kiehls gift voucher online in India on the Kiehls official website and the purchased gift vouchers and gift cards also get visible in your Zingoy dashboard which helps you keep a track of used and unused gift cards seamlessly. 

While shopping for the Kiehls gift cards and gift vouchers can make your skincare shopping much quicker and easier, you can also save more on your purchases using Kiehls offers and cashback deals!

Why buy Kiehls India Gift Vouchers from Zingoy?

Zingoy is among the top cashback and gift card sites in India. Apart from Kiehls luxury skincare store, we have 3000+ stores listed with us and where customers can find the best cashback deals and discounts on gift cards. 

Kiehls is one of the top luxury skincare brands in India and worldwide. With buying Kiehls gift cards, you can make your skincare shopping experience seamless and with Zingoy discount and cashback offers, you even get to save more. 

Apart from offering you a discount while buying Kiehls gift voucher online in India, Zingoy also offers you cashback offers from time to time. 

Where can I use Kiehls gift voucher?

You can use Kiehls India gift voucher online on the official Kiehls India website to shop for your favourite skincare and beauty products. You can use Kiehls gift card online to shop for Kiehls best-selling face creams, serums, lotion, haircare and pretty much anything you have on your wishlist. Note that a gift voucher once redeemed cannot be used again. Also, it’s important you use your Kiehls gift voucher online before the validity expires. 

How do I Redeem Kiehls Gift Card?

To redeem Kiehls gift card online, follow these easy steps: 

  • Vist the Kiehls India online store on its official website

  • Select any luxury skincare, haircare or beauty product you wish to buy 

  • Proceed to the checkout page

  • At the check out window, select “gift card” as your payment method

  • Add the 16-digit Kiehls gift card number received in your email to redeem the gift card

Where to Check Kiehls Gift Card Balance?

To check your Kiehls gift card balance online, simply visit the Kiehls website or call Kiehls India customer service number at +91-96509-44451. You can also try sending them an email at [email protected] for queries related to Kiehl gift card or gift vouchers.

If you have shopped for Kiehls gift voucher online through Zingoy, you can easily check your gift voucher balance in your Zingoy dashboard in a few simple clicks. At Zingoy, we not only make it easy for you to shop your favourite gift cards online but also to use them seamlessly.

kiehls Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Kiehls have gift vouchers?

 Kiehls does provide e-gift vouchers and e-gift cards on their official website. You can also buy Kiehls e-gift cards from Zingoy with discount & cashback offers.

Q2. Where can I use Kiehls India gift voucher online?

Shop for your favourite skincare, beauty and haircare products from Kiehl India official website using Kiehls gift vouchers 

Q3. Is there any validity period for using Kiehls vouchers?

Generally, the validity period for a voucher is 1 year from the date of purchase. You can easily find the validity of your Kiehls gift card online in your Zingoy dashboard

Q4. How do I get a Kiehls gift card?

You can buy Kiehls gift card online on Kiehls official website or visit Zingoy to purchase Kiehls gift card on discount offer.

Q5. Can I redeem Kiehls gift card online?

Yes, you can redeem Kiehls gift card online on the Kiehls India official website.

Q6. Can I use Kiehls gift vouchers to purchase other gift cards?

No, you cannot use Kiehls gift cards to purchase another gift card.