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Step into the wonderful world of Amazon Prime & more with this gift voucher. If you purchase Prime membership you can enjoy benefits like fast and FREE delivery, early access to deals, exclusive and popular movies and TV shows on Prime video, unlimited ad-free music, books, games and much more. At Amazon Prime, there’s something for everyone

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About Amazon Prime Voucher Gift Cards

List of Amazon Prime Voucher Gift Cards & E-Gift Vouchers with Cashback

eVoucher Value Validity Period Cashback
Rs. 1499.00 6-12 Months 18 %
Rs. 599.00 6-12 Months 18 %

Amazon Prime Voucher India: For the Love of Shopping, Entertainment, and much more Amazon!

Amazon Prime has now become India’s go-to service for daily needs, be it online shopping (free & 1-day delivery), food, groceries, entertainment (Prime Video), and much more. Thus, Amazon Prime Vouchers are in more demand than ever before! Moreover, there are many saving options on it like discount coupons, cashback offers, rewards, freebies, and amazing deals. Thus, send Amazon Prime Vouchers to your loved ones and save as well! There is only 1 drawback that they cannot be used for Amazon Business accounts. This change was recently applied by the company.


How to get Amazon Prime vouchers for free?

There are many ways to get an Amazon Prime voucher for free. You can redeem your credit card points (for partnered banks & credit cards only). Then, participate in Amazon contests, quizzes, and games to get lucky. There is also the 1 month free trial Amazon Prime voucher. The company keeps on coming up with new promotions so keep checking for the latest & genuine ones.


Amazon Prime voucher code details

After you have bought the Amazon Prime voucher, you will get a unique code via SMS and email, even Whatsapp notifications are now started. This Amazon Prime voucher code is a long one and needs to be kept secret as it is the only point of authentication. Make sure to input it correctly during redemption as it is case-sensitive and alpha-numeric.


Amazon Prime e-voucher benefits

Amazon Prime e-vouchers have various benefits like hassle-free subscription, easy redemption, cashback deals, discount offers, and even free schemes. You can gift them to anyone who loves Prime Video, Shopping, Free & Fast Delivery, etc, and in-turn save good!


Ways to Buy Amazon Prime vouchers in India

Amazon Prime vouchers can be bought via official partners like Zingoy. Many banks also have it as a reward for redeeming card points. You can also get it along with bundled recharge plans from Jio/Airtel/Vi and many other broadband internet providers like JioFiber, Airtel Xstream, and Tata Play.


How to get Amazon Prime membership voucher coupon codes in India?

Zingoy gives Amazon Prime membership voucher coupon codes for cashback earnings. Then,  Amazon’s social media promotions can get you coupons. Amazon Sale events are a great time to grab Prime coupons so lookout for them during the Great Indian Festival, Diwali, and many more events.


Amazon Prime voucher cashback offers

Zingoy is the best place to get Amazon Prime voucher cashback offers. Your cashback will be credited as soon as your voucher is issued. You can transfer cashback to a bank account or redeem it on 200+ Top Brands for more cashback! Keep repeating, Keep saving!

Amazon Prime voucher discount coupons

The company frequently comes up with Amazon Prime voucher discount coupons since it is a subscription (monthly/quarterly/yearly) based service. You can also find discount coupons on this page so do check every time before purchasing an Amazon Prime voucher.

Amazon Prime ₹149 vouchers

OneCard had this Amazon Prime ₹149 voucher offer where you get it on redeeming 149 OneCard points. This offer keeps on coming with some minor changes in T&Cs so stay tuned. ₹149 will be discounted from the price of your Amazon Prime membership via this voucher!

Amazon Prime Video gift card details

Amazon Prime Video gift card is nothing but the same. It will get you all benefits of Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Prime Video streams movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more from Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, and other regional cinema.


Amazon Prime Voucher vs Amazon Pay gift card

Amazon gift cards can be used for shopping and availing all other services on Amazon, including Prime membership. However, with an Amazon Prime Voucher, you can only buy Prime subscription and Amazon Anytime gift cards.

Why purchase Amazon Prime membership Vouchers online?

Firstly, Amazon Prime membership Vouchers are only available online. Next, they give you discounts, cashback, rewards, and many other benefits. You can even sell your unused/unwanted Amazon Prime membership Vouchers at best rates on Zingoy (authorized reseller)!

Amazon Prime Voucher details

Amazon Prime digital gift cards are sent on email. They come with a code and PIN (optional) for redemption. Thus, you can simply share the PDF or text message to the recipient. On the other hand, physical ones have all the info (expiry, code, balance, etc) printed on it along with the theme (birthday, anniversary, etc) design.


Amazon Prime e-voucher redeem

Simply, visit the Amazon Prime e-voucher redeem page and enter code! It comes with a 1 year expiry date so make sure to redeem in time else balance will be gone. You can even add the code on Amazon and redeem later-on.

Amazon Prime subscription voucher for Corporates 

Zingoy has great deals on Amazon Prime subscription vouchers for Corporates. Corporates benefit via bulk discounts, priority customer support, and free card setup services. These are mostly used during festivals and special occasions in India.

Amazon Prime Voucher Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can existing Prime members use Amazon Prime Vouchers?

No, you need to use it once your membership expires.

Q2. What is an Amazon Prime e-voucher?

Amazon Prime e-voucher is the same as Amazon Prime Voucher.

Q3. How do you redeem a gift card on Amazon Prime?

Simply enter your Amazon Prime Voucher code in the vouchers section on Amazon app to redeem.

Q4. What is an Amazon Prime Voucher used for?

Amazon Prime Vouchers are used to get access to Amazon Prime subscription based on the gift card value.

Q5. Is Amazon Prime free for 30 days via voucher?

No, you cannot club free trial and voucher offers.

Q6. What is an Amazon Prime voucher?

Amazon Prime voucher is a medium to subscribe to Amazon Prime services.

Q7. Can you use Amazon vouchers for Prime?

No. However, if you have an Amazon Prime voucher then it can be used.