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Default Payout
Cashback on Card Dispatched
₹ 560 / Per Sale
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Cashback Tracked in
48 Hours
Redeem Cashback in
45 days

Missing Cashback Tickets  NOT  Accepted

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Conversion Flow:
1. User Fills in all the details.
2. User Successfully submits the Application.
3. Once the Card is Dispatched.
4. Lead is counted and credited.

Cibil Score: 750+ cibil score

Also Remember

  • Please make sure to clear the cookies before going ahead with the application.
  • Payment will be made only on validated orders.
  • Earnings from Bank of Baroda Credit Card can be redeemed as vouchers or in Bank account. 
  • Issuance of credit card is at the sole discretion of the respective bank
  • Cashback will be rejected if your Application is Rejected or your card is not delivered

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