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About TGI Fridays Gift Cards

TGI Friday’s: America’s Popular Restaurant Pub in India!

TGI Friday’s is a Restaurant & Pub chain originated in the U.S. and now popular in many parts of the world including India. The name means “Thank God It's Friday”. It gained popularity as a Friday place to hangout, chill, and get-together with friends, colleagues, etc after a tiring week’s work. In India, it is present in Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and is upcoming in many other cities. It faced shutdown in many cities due to CoronaVirus and Lockdown situations, but in September 2022, the company confirmed that it will be back soon (an improved version)! The best part about TGIF’s is that you will get a feel of the American lifestyle, night life, food & beverages, and much more.  

All about TGI Friday’s e-Gift Cards in India

TGI Friday’s e-Gift Cards are a great way to show love, appreciation, care, etc to your loved ones who enjoy going to this place in India. Also, people interested in global food, drinks, and pubbing will get to explore something new. A TGI Friday’s Gift Card comes with a unique code, and might also include a unique PIN. The gift card value can go to as high as ₹5000.    

TGI Friday’s Gift Voucher Pros (TGIF Deals) & Cons

Let’s talk about the pros first. TGI Friday’s Gift Vouchers can be used at all Indian outlets irrespective of any T&Cs. Next up, if you buy TGI Friday’s Gift Vouchers on Zingoy then you stand a chance to earn Cashback! You can even redeem your previous Cashback for Free TGI Friday’s Vouchers. Thus, you get Discounts via TGIF Deals. On the cons part, there can be times when the outlet doesn’t accept TGI Friday’s e-Gift Vouchers. This can be due to sale events, combos, offers, or system issues.  

TGI Fridays Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where to buy TGI Friday’s gift cards?

You can buy TGI Friday’s gift cards online Instantly from verified sellers such as Zingoy. Also, there may be banks offering Free TGI Friday’s gift cards via reward points redemption.

Q2. How to use TGI Friday’s gift card for online ordering?

You cannot use TGI Friday’s gift cards for online ordering, it's for offline experience only.

Q3. Does TGIF have gift cards?

Yes, TGIF has gift cards which can be used to enjoy food, drinks, and any other paid services for free.

Q4. How do I check the balance on my TGIF gift card?

You can check the balance on your TGIF gift card at the restaurant only by providing your TGI Friday’s voucher number.

Q5. How long does a TGI Friday’s gift card last?

A TGI Friday’s gift card mostly lasts for 6 months, but can also go up to 12 months.

Q6. Can you use a TGI Friday's gift card anywhere else?

You can use a TGI Friday's gift card at all its restaurants in India.