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About Lifestyle Gift Cards

List of Lifestyle Gift Cards & E-Gift Vouchers with Cashback

eVoucher Value Validity Period Cashback
Rs. 3000.00 6-12 Months 7.75 %
Rs. 2000.00 6-12 Months 7.75 %
Rs. 1500.00 6-12 Months 7.75 %
Rs. 1000.00 6-12 Months 7.75 %

Lifestyle Gift Cards - Make Your Shopping Simple

Lifestyle is very well-known for its trendy items that are completely in line with what is in vogue at that time. Be it apparel, footwear, or more, you will always find the latest and very best at Lifestyle.

It is this delightful shopping experience at Lifestyle which is made all the more enjoyable, thanks to Lifestyle gift cards. Zingoy has them in multiple denominations, from Lifestyle vouchers worth Rs. 250 going all the way up to Rs. 2,000 also you can earn cashback on your gift card purchase from Zingoy.

Why Use Lifestyle Gift Vouchers?

You get exciting offers by buying the Lifestyle gift cards from Zingoy as you can get the cashback on the Lifestyle voucher purchase available on this page. Once you purchase the gift cards it has validity from 6 months to a year so that is rarely a concern.

You can also share the Lifestyle gift cards with your friends or loved ones during events like Friendship Days and Valentine's Day. Not only that Zingoy offers immense flexibility whereby not only can you purchase these Lifestyle gift cards for yourself, but you can also, in turn, gift them to others as well, all the while enjoying a healthy cashback.

There are Lifestyle gift card offers galore during festive seasons, especially during festivals like Dussehra and Diwali. This is the time shoppers literally shop till they drop! Imagine gifting a Lifestyle gift card to your friends and family they will literally be enthralled by your gesture!

Choose Zingoy to Get Lifestyle Voucher Offers

On its part, Lifestyle constantly comes out with various gift cards that shoppers simply can’t have enough of! Zingoy compliments this experience perfectly, ensuring that all the various Lifestyle vouchers offered out there are available on it for folks to purchase. Given the cashback incentive, they, of course, choose to purchase it on Zingoy over any other platform!

At the same time, bear in mind that just in case you have a Lifestyle voucher which you don’t see yourself using – perhaps it is meant for use at the kid's section when neither you nor anyone else you know has any kids you can easily go ahead and sell the Lifestyle gift card on Zingoy. This includes physical Lifestyle vouchers, which can be sold as e-vouchers on Zingoy, saving you the trouble of having to physically send the Lifestyle gift card over. As and when the Lifestyle voucher is bought by another Zingoy user, the amount will be credited to your Zingoy account. Clearly, with Zingoy, shopping on Lifestyle becomes a greater pleasure!

How to Check Lifestyle Gift Card Balance?

To know your gift card balance you need to visit the Lifestyle website and enter your 16 digit number along with the pin number which is mentioned at the back of your card. But soon you will be able to check the Lifestyle gift voucher balance feature on Zingoy.

Lifestyle Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is there any way to cancel or return the Lifestyle vouchers?

A. You cannot cancel or return once the Lifestyle voucher is purchased.

Q2. Can I exchange my Lifestyle gift card with another gift card?

A. You cannot exchange your purchase Lifestyle gift card with others.

Q3. How do I redeem Lifestyle vouchers online?

A. Lifestyle voucher code can be redeemed at the time of making a purchase.

Q4. Do Lifestyle provide any bank offer on vouchers?

A. Currently, there is no bank offer available, but you can get the update over here.

Q5. How can I purchase Lifestyle gift cards?

A. Simply visit the Zingoy store and choose the listing to purchase a gift card.