Zing of the Day FAQs

What is the Zing Of The day?
  • The Zing Of The Day is a special deal posted on Zingoy. The deal will offer a quality product at significantly discounted price as compared to other online shopping brands that offer the same product.
  • A list of stores with price comparisons is placed right below the retail price being offered.
  • Along with the offer price, an additional cashback amount is mentioned which is released back to you post product delivery.
What is unique about Zing Of The day?
Zing of the Day comes with very unique features!
  1. Fine quality products
  2. Significantly discounted prices
  3. Guaranteed cash back
  4. Golden chance to get the item completely free of cost
  5. Secure and multiple payment options
How can I get the Zing Of The Day for free?
You can get the Zing Of the Day for free in two ways :
  1. Referrals : If you wish to recover the entire cost, you must refer the product to your friends and persuade them to make a purchase. You can share your referral code right at the bottom of the ‘Payment Success’ page with as many friends. And you can get the same amount of cashback that you’ve originally paid when they make a successful purchase. Which means, the purchase for you becomes completely free.
  2. Golden Buzzer : While purchasing or after purchase if you capture the Golden Buzzer, you will be eligible to get the whole amount of the product back in the form of cashback. Just like cashback from referrals, this cashback will be validated after the entire delivery process is complete.
How can I earn from Zing of the day?
You can Earn by referring the product to your friends and if they buy, you get ZingCash.
From where can I refer the product to earn from Zing of the day?
You can refer your unique code for the product to your friends from the product detail page. On Zingoy home page click on the Zing of the day product banner. You land on the Zing of the day product detail page. In the product detail page you can click on the EARN button at the bottom left and share the product.
Where can I see my earnings for a Zing of the Day product I referred?
You can view your earnings in the my reports section under Accounts. Once your friends have made a purchase and received the product, your cashback is validated. You can view it in the cashback summary on the homepage of the Zingoy or you can also find the cash back details in the My Account > My Reports section in Zingoy
How do I purchase the Zing of the day?
Purchasing Zing of the day is really simple:
  • First feed in your PIN code in order to check the product availability in your region. If the product is available for your region, proceed to make the purchase.
  • Before going to the payment page, you are requested to re-confirm your address. Make changes if required or click 'Continue'.
  • Select payment mode proceed with making the purchase.
  • After successfully placing the order, you kick start the Cashback Meter. The Cashback Meter displays your cashback earnings which are finally validated to you Zingoy account.
Do I need to login to Zingoy to make a purchase?
You will be requested to log into Zingoy before purchasing the Zing Of The Day if you’re not already logged in.
Do I need to login to Zingoy to earn through Zing of the day?
You will be requested to log into Zingoy before sharing your referral code to Earn cashback on Zing of the Day.
What is my product Referral Code?
A product referral code or your Zing of the day referral code is basically a unique code which you get when you
  • Make the first purchase of a Zing of the day product on Zingoy.
  • Share your unique code from Earn button
Once you share this code with another user, the referred individual can then apply your unique product referral code at the time of checkout while purchasing the Zing Of The Day.By using this code, both, the individual and you get the cashback.A product referral code is unique for the deal and the individual who is sharing it.
When can I access my product referral code?
The product referral code is unlocked
  • When you click on Earn button
  • After you’ve made the payment and purchased a product in the Zing of the day.
What is the Golden Buzzer?
The Golden Buzzer is a unique opportunity for you to stand a chance to win the Zing Of The Day for absolutely free. It appears as a golden label with ‘FREE’ written over it.
Who can stand a chance to win from a Golden Buzzer?
Any lucky user who has landed on the Zing Of the Day page can be the winner of the Golden Buzzer as long as he sees the golden banner and has already made or makes the purchase after clicking on it.
What is the Cashback Meter?
The Cashback Meter is a scale that measures how much cashback you’ve earned. The cashback earnings for purchasing the Zing Of The Day is calculated and fed into the meter. Raising the meter amount from this point on is completely in your hands. With each person who makes a purchase with your referral code, you earn cash!
When does the Cashback Meter validate the cashback?
The Cashback Meter displays all your earnings at one place. After you and each of your referred friends have received their product, then the cashback is validated and only then the Cashback Meter releases the cashback to you in the form of ZingCash.
How much cashback do I receive for each referral?
Each successful purchase from the shared referral code gets you a fixed amount of cashback as mentioned while purchasing the product. The cashback amount varies from product to product. The individual who uses your referral code at the time of checkout also gets the same amount of cashback as you do!