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How to Save Money on Baby Care Products in India?

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When you’re growing a bump, being more budget-conscious suddenly becomes one of your top goals. But how precisely can you save money on baby care when having a baby feels like it comes with a required 18-year spending spree?

Here’s the good news, though. Yes, raising children is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be, especially when it comes to newborns. There are many simple strategies to spend less money that you may do that will be beneficial in the long term. Here are a few choices to get you going to save on your baby supplies.

1. Sales!

Never purchase baby items at full price; rather, wait for a sale. When you don’t develop a plan to buy the things you need, you become stressed out when you suddenly need them and make hurried expensive last-minute purchases. In order to take advantage of the sale and save money on baby items, establish a strategy to acquire the necessities.

Online retailers occasionally offer a lot of discounts, which is considerably more affordable than paying full price. As a result, stay away from retail businesses and opt to purchase online instead.

2. Grab Cashbacks

Use the cashback apps to get additional rewards and excellent savings on your purchases of baby supplies. Zingoy, India’s largest cashback and coupon app, gives you discounts and money on more than 100 stores, including Amazon, Flipkart, TataCLiQ, and others.

To save money on baby care, you may also look up promo codes for your preferred online retailer on the Zingoy app or website. Here are some of the top stores for baby products and the cashback rewards it offers

Brand StoresZingoy Cashback Offred
KIDSONLY50% Off + 4.0% Cashback
Baby DoveFlat 35% Off + Rs 180 Cashback
SuperminisRs.400 Cashback
Hamley’sFlat 5.31% cashback

3. Research Before you Shop

Make sure to carry out an online search and compare the costs of the items you need. There is a ton of offers these days, both online and offline, so keep an eye on your local newspaper and online shopping sites for these deals. You know what you’re looking for and how to find the lowest price given for it if you have a previous list in hand.

4. Throw a Diaper Baby Shower

If you’re planning to be a first-time parent, this is the greatest strategy to reduce your diaper spending. Make your customary baby shower a diaper shower and inform all of the guests that the only acceptable present will be diapers. You won’t have to make as many last-minute runs to the store for diapers.

5. Use Reusable Products

Because it has the lowest initial cost, we have been taught that the tossing away technique is the best. However, if you replace these things frequently, the costs rack up rapidly and the waste generation is horrifying. So, think about going the reusable route since you will surely end up saving money in the long run.

6. Keep Track of your Baby’s Clothes Size

Kids’ clothes should be purchased one size bigger since they outgrow them so quickly. Kids today have complete wardrobes, so by purchasing a little larger size, you may ensure that they may use it at least a few times before outgrowing it.

7. Keep an eye out for Offers

Look for discounts and coupons on baby products online. It will help to save a big deal every time you shop for a baby. There are many brands that are always running offers on their products so you can always buy from them even when they do not have sales.

8. Say yes to Hand-me-downs

The “hand-me-down” chain can provide your kids with a tonne of free clothes and toys if you have kids. And the advantages are far greater. Some products, particularly those for newborns, do not work well as hand-me-downs. Useful techniques that have been passed down will help you save money.

9. Buy in bulk.

Naturally, perishables like milk are an exception, but for many other necessities, shopping in bulk may help you save money. When you purchase greater quantities, grains, beans, and even washing powder are less expensive, lowering your entire monthly food expenditure.

10. Make a budget before you shop!

When shopping, it’s tempting to overspend, especially when you see those adorable baby dresses on sale! However, buying a lot of costly items for small children is a great financial waste because they outgrow their outfits so quickly. Make a list of the necessities, purchase a few high-quality examples from it, then repeat the process when you need to purchase the following size.

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