What the hell is cashback?

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Most Indian men don’t believe in the concept of cashback when a female friend/ relative/ partner/ colleague tells them about it.

Yet 75% of all cashback site users are men.

Weird, isn’t it?

This says a lot about men





Three. Most men think women are more gullible…



As a general rule

It’s difficult to believe something when you don’t understand how it’s possible. For e.g. this…


Actually, Mike’s owner did not behead it properly. He missed the jugular vein.


Then how did it live for 18 months without being able to eat?- You ask.

The chicken was fed on milk and water into his exposed esophagus with an eye dropper.


Umm actually it’s not… read the explanation again.

Similarly, when I tell you…

A site gives you some money back every time you shop through it.

Most of you will go…


Contrary to what you think, it is not ‘Money for Nothing’.

A cashback site works on a commission.

So the first condition to get your money back is- Shop via this site.

Now imagine all online stores having a ‘Cashback Lane’ and ‘Nothing Special Street’.


If you take the Cashback Lane and buy something at the store.

The cashback site earns commission.


But they don’t keep it all to themselves…


THAT is cashback.

It’s nothing but your cut for taking the Cashback Lane built by this site

It’s not a false promise.

It’s pure business.

You help the cashback site earn money; they share some of the money with you.

Need more answers? Use the comments section or visit Zingoy and explore the world of cashback yourself.


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Illustrations credit: https://www.fiverr.com/dearlockets]

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