Top 10 Valentine’s Day gifting ideas to surprise your loved ones

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Valentine’s Day 2020 is around the corner so you need to gear up and put your thinking caps on to delight your loved ones. Zingoy brings to you the top 10 things which you can do to please your Valentine and make them feel special. Let’s check them out.

Watch Romantic Movies on Valentine’s Day with Him/Her


Be it any occasion, movies are always welcomed. Movies are liked by all ages. Make this Valentine’s Day a filmy one by catching the latest romantic blockbuster at the theatre or just put on some romantic sagas at home. These movies help you learn and maintain relationships better. Romantic movies are very essential to create a mood of romance. Scientifically, watching romantic movies produces oxytocin which gets in good vibes within you so a positive bond is formed between the couple. Get exclusive BookMyShow coupons and treat your valentine with movie extravaganza!

Shop for Surprise Gift for your Boyfriend/Girlfriend during Valentine’s Day


Shopping gives happiness. You can shop from your own wishlist or something for your loved ones. With great online offers nowadays you are sure to get spoilt. Shopping lets you know each other well in terms of likes and habits. For example, I go with my wife for her shopping which helped me decide gifts for her birthday. When I gifted her some DIY items rather than the obvious stuff like clothes, perfumes, shoes, etc. she was overwhelmed knowing that I keep a check on her choices. Get spoilt this Valentine’s Day with great Amazon offers & Flipkart offers.

Go for Romantic Candlelight Dinner with your Valentine


Candlelight dinner is the special quality time you spend with your companion which gives you memories that you can cherish for a long time. It creates a romantic ambiance with the help of sparkling candles and colorful dim lights. The table is beautifully decorated with rose petals along with wine setup. The romantic instrumentals create love feelings for each other. If you are served with good food, it’s icing on the cake. Book your table for a romantic Valentine’s Day out on Zomato with these huge saving Zomato coupons.

Romantic Trip with your Husband/Wife during this Valentine’s Day


Raise the romance with your partner through some thrilling escape. Form discovering a hidden water kingdom together to wander along aimlessly at a path loaded with wildflowers, Drawing back to tribal camps to staying on the edge of the cliff, the experience to uplift are many. Places like Shimla, Manali, and Ooty are perfect for a romantic outing together.

Create Relationship Scrapbook for your Loved Ones


We used to use Scrapbooks at schools but the time has come to give it a romantic twist. Even partners who aren’t so into crafts will get a kick out of this fun activity. Gather up photos of your relationship, old ticket stubs, and meaningful receipts, and make a beautiful book that you’ll both treasure! You can also include photos from your trips together to relive those beautiful moments together.

Breakfast in Bed


There’s nothing quite as glorious as waking up to a delicious homemade breakfast delivered straight to your bed. While we can’t necessarily start off the day like this every morning, we can indulge in the sumptuous little rite this Valentine’s Day to make our lady feel special. Make sure you have the necessary in-bed dining essentials that’ll elevate the experience even more. Get your breakfast in bed delivered with a large collection of breakfast items on Swiggy and save more with Swiggy coupons.

Recreate your First Date with Valentine’s Day Gift Cards


Take things way back to where you first started falling for each other with a second take on your first date. If your memory is super sharp, you could even order the same food and drinks as that one memorable night. This will not only recreate love for each other but also show that good relationships never get old. Get amazing dating surprises from Archies with Archies gift cards.

Relax at a Spa


Treat yourself and you’re loved ones to the ultimate relaxation experience by booking a couple’s massage or any other treatment of your choice at a local spa. As everyone loves to be pampered, unwinding at a spa is the best way to relax with your love mate and experience peace this Valentine’s Day.

Exchange Valentine’s Day Gifts Offers with your Loved Ones


With Valentine’s Week coming soon, you can exchange gifts on each day with special themed ideas. Gifts are a surprise and as we know that most women love surprises. A well-curated gift can make her day and make her go heartfelt. You can also gift via gift cards of his/her favorite brand or restaurant so that they can enjoy without the hassle of payments.

Enjoy Togetherness


Keeping all the material things aside, focusing on an individual’s behavior, habits, likes, dislikes, comforts and more, is the key to the real joy of love. Spend time together anywhere or at your loved venue, but make sure that you both are not disturbed by anyone, not even mobiles. This will help in understanding each other better which aids in a long-lasting relationship.

I hope you find these ideas useful. For amazing Valentine’s Day offers keep Zingoying!!!

Top 10 ideas to explore this Valentine's Day
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Top 10 ideas to explore this Valentine's Day
Zingoy brings to you the top 10 things which you can do to please your Valentine and make them feel special this Valentine's Day.
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