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New Rules for Safe Shopping Online vs Offline during COVID-19

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Coronavirus has spread its wings all over the world. Amid this crisis, there are some key points we need to keep in mind while shopping to fight this COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, shopping instead of happy therapy has become more of a preventive task. This is because the novel Coronavirus spreads quickly once contacted. People are coming out to get their needy things as online deliveries are moving slowly.

How to tackle COVID-19 when shopping? Well, this article presents you with some important advice that you can follow to ignore this widespread infection.

Rules for Safe Online Shopping Experience

It is better to shop online than offline as recommended by experts. Firstly, you are away from the crowd which is a big plus. Secondly, you are aware of the available items rather than visiting a physical store and returning empty-handed due to the shortage of goods. Though, while collecting your online order and using the products inside it, you should take extra care to avoid the transmission of Coronavirus.

1) Take precautions while collecting your parcel

When your parcel is out for delivery, notify some important steps to the delivery guy which he should take as preventive measures to COVID-19. Tell him to keep the parcel outside your door. If you have chosen COD as a payment option, keep the payment outside your door and close the door for him to collect the cash. Remove the product/food items from the package, throw the package in the dustbin, and wash your hands properly for 20 seconds with soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer.

2) Societies need to lead from the front

Some societies are not allowing delivery personnel to enter their premises. In this case, the delivery boy has to wait outside the gate and we need to go down to him and collect our parcel. This is because the delivery person visits many places and meets numerous people throughout the day so the chances of Coronavirus transmission are high. Thus, these societies are taking good preventive measures for the safety of their members.

3) Give a Thumbs up to the online payment

You should pay online for your order. This avoids the transfer of infection via the exchange of notes and coins. You might face a cancellation issue for your order. In this case, most of the companies initiate a refund within 7 days. Many online stores such as Amazon, Medlife, 1mg, and more, are giving online payment advice to their customers on the payment page. You can save more on your purchase products by using Amazon coupons, Flipkart coupons, Medlife coupons, Paytm coupons and 1mg coupons.

How to ensure secured Offline Shopping?

Due to the 21 days lockdown, only essential products & services are available around the country. Food materials, medicines, and other necessary stuff are among these. 

1) Keep practicing social distancing

Fewer shops are open to serve the public. Also, goods supply is uncertainty among the people. Thus, you might have seen a good amount of traffic at retail outlets. Thus, it is necessary to maintain some distance from the public and store persons. One person from the family should be given the responsibility of shopping for the entire family. This will ensure fewer crowds outside and only one person needs to tackle the virus.

Make sure you wear a mask on your journey and sanitize your hands immediately on reaching back to home. If you have bought vegetables and fruits, it is a must to wash them thoroughly before consumption.

2) Think and search for ideas to tackle COVID-19

Recently, a vegetable merchant visited our building(Mumbai) so that people can shop without going outside. We made circles from chalk as a mark for members to stand in the queue. A two-meter distance separated the circles. Once the queue reduced, the watchmen called other members if they wanted to shop.

3) Buy only required stuff

Shop for required stuff only because if you panic-buy, perishable items might be wasted due to over quantity. Many people are in 14 days quarantine so if everyone panic-buys there will be a shortage of medicines, food, and other essentials for them.

4) Super Markets super job!

Dmart, the supermarket, allows only 50 people at a time to shop. They give tokens with a time slot mentioned so you are allowed to enter only if you show the token at the given time. Also, you will be given only half an hour to shop inside to cater to the crowd.

In conclusion, don’t over shop, sanitize products and self when required, follow safe shopping rules, and finally stay at home for the time being and cherish these moments with family.

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