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10 Mobile Games to Play with Friends During Lockdown

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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we are into lockdown mode, so how do we get our dose of fun with our friends and loved ones? Well, there is some good time pass online games which will get your group together virtually. These games will keep you active, keep your blood pumping, and get you away from boredom. The best everyone can start with the simple Housie game that everyone loves to play in the house or check out the 10 mobile games that you can play with your friends during the lockdown.

1) Secret Diary

secret diary

One of the best games that you can play with your families or friends during lockdown is a Secret Diary which is a good way to showcase your love to others as well as to know what your friends think about you as a person.

How to participate in this game: 

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Secret Diary will automatically generate questions for you.
  4. A link will be generated which you need to share with those whom you want to answer these questions about you.
  5. You can share via all social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc. or simply message the link.
  6. Once the receiver answers the questions, you can check the answers on

You can send your questions to as many people as you want. This will let you know their opinion about you and help understand each other in a better way.

Example: Some of the questions I remember when I played are:

  1. What is the one thing you want to add on in Sahil?
  2. What do you like the most about Sahil?
  3. Which color suits Sahil the best?
  4. Why do you think Sahil is important in your life?

When I read the answers filled by my wife, I got a bit emotional(happy) as I came to know that she doesn’t show but thinks a lot about me. If you are missing your buddy, this game is a good way to enjoy some togetherness with fun.

2) Type Racer

type racer

What if you get a chance to compete with your friends for fun at home? If you and your bunch of friends enjoy typing then Type Racer is like a cherry on the cake for you’ll. It is a typing challenge with a car racing theme. It will charge you up during such a lockdown situation where you have to sit at home and look to challenge someone.

Guide to get going with Type Racer:

  1. Visit
  2. Choose the “race your friends” option.
  3. A link will be created. Share it with your batch.
  4. Your friends need to click that link and select ‘join’ to get connected.
  5. That’s it. Once all are connected, the countdown starts, and get racing with your cars!

You will get a paragraph to type. Whoever has the best WPM score wins so you need to type fast. The challenge here is spelling and grammatical errors. I lost because I took much time in correcting spellings. You can chat during the race to boost or pull a leg. This makes it a fun competition. The cars moving towards the finish line will ignite excitement in you to get ahead of your friends. If you cherish typing, you can compete with others around the world online or just practice it out alone.

3) 10 Questions

10 Questions are a nice guessing fun game. It just requires an exchange of texts to play, it’s that simple yet interesting. This game will let your time pass and ensure bonding with friends and relatives during the Covid-19 lockdown. You will know your compatibility with others via this fun activity. 

Game Guidelines:

  1. Ask your friend/opponent to select a genre. It can be movies, actors, food, country, etc.
  2. Then, tell him/her to pick 1 object from the genre but keep it as a secret. Ex: If the genre is actors, he/she can select any 1 actor. For food, any 1 dish, etc…
  3. Now, you have to guess the object by asking your opponent questions with a limit of 10 questions.
  4. The answer has to be in the form of yes/no only.
  5. If you get it right within 10 questions, you win or else your friend is victorious.

I played this one with my cousin’s sister via WhatsApp voice messages. I chose the object from the movie genre and she was on the opposite side. She asked me questions including, have you seen this movie? and Is this one of your favorites?. She cracked it in mere 5 questions and I lost(oops..). I told her that I picked this movie to let her win as she is bad at guessing(hehe).

4) Quizizz


Quizizz, as the name suggests, is a quiz game. You can collaborate with your friends, relatives, and colleagues in this exciting quiz competition. You can select from various categories to play. Some of them are Coronavirus, Arts, Computers, Languages, and Maths. Coronavirus is a good way to get some important knowledge with fun regarding this pandemic. You can even create your own quiz by inputting questions, options, and time limits. 

Quizziz has exciting features to keep you engaged. You can earn powers if you give the right answers in a streak. Powers like ‘delete 2 wrong options’ and ‘score double’ are my favorites.

My company HR hosted this game as a bonding exercise among employees. The theme was ‘out of the box’. Here, you had questions that required smart ways to get to the answers. We all enjoyed playing this. I ranked 11 out of 45, it felt good.

5) Ludo King

ludo king

In our childhood, board games like Ludo and Snake & Ladders were our favorite pastimes during the lockdown period at home. I remember playing every Saturday with my cousins when we used to come together after half-day at school. The passion for defeating others and moving forward was at its peak.

Ludo King gives us a chance to remember our golden days again with its modernized personality of Ludo. Come fall in love again with Ludo. Play with your friends and family online in this evergreen challenge.

Pick from themes like Nature, Egypt, Disco, and many more. You can’t go outside at this time but with these life-like themes, you can get that feels with your loved ones. You can chat with the game members so get ready for the mental challenge as well. Invite your Facebook friends to play Ludo and catch all the excitement from the comfort of your home.

6) 8 Ball Pool

8 ball pool

We go to play Pool in clubs and arenas with our friends by paying good amounts of money. Now, with most of us at home getting bored with the 21 days lockdown, we can catch the real excitement of pool with the multiplayer 8 Ball Pool mobile games without paying a single penny. 

Call your group and play together with real-world pool features and awesome pool cues. Get points and unlock new levels. As you keep on progressing, the competition gets tough. Play with billiard champions and get a chance to beat them in a world series.

7) Scrabble GO

scrabble go

Do you enjoy word mobile games? If yes, Scrabble GO is the one to look out for. Get access to the biggest word dictionary to challenge yourself. Immerse yourself in this genuine crossword gaming skill.

Get your group of Facebook friends playing head-to-head in a variety of word games by Scrabble. You will get connected with friends quickly and face almost zero connectivity issues thanks to its strong wireless mechanism.

8) Draw Something Classic

draw something classic

It is a very popular drawing mobile games worldwide. Exchange doodle scenes with your friends and relatives and enjoy gags. All the art lovers will get into the excitement of this game. This does not mean that you need to be a good artist to play this game. Anyone can sketch their imagination and show their humorous side to their buddies.

You need to guess what your friends have drawn. While it’s your turn, if you are more creative, it will be tough for your friends to guess and you may emerge victoriously. There are loads of themes to choose from so get your favorite ones out. You can also showcase your hidden talent on social media and you never know!

9) Real Racing 3

real racing 3

Get your favorite cars out in this F1 racing world. Compete with friends with online mode. Get the feel of an arena like racing tracks and high-speed racing thumps. Porsche, Bugatti, Chevrolet, Aston Martin, and Audi, which is your pick. Ride in your dream cars.

Motorsports give us the adrenaline rush to boost our passion for racing. Choose awesome locations and visit them directly from your place. Show off your rankings via social media posts and more. This exciting mobile games is a perfect energy booster to get your boring time destroyed.

10) Bingo Win

bingo win

Gatherings like birthday parties, social gatherings, festivals, and more, call for Bingo. It is a perfect time to get together and compete in this exciting money challenge when you are free at home and looking for excitement. We hardly play any online bingo mobile games as you can’t get that excitement going. With Bingo Win, get ready to play this classic game online with your friends and family.

You can pick from many puzzles as per your needs. Bingo Win has a lot of features which makes it a unique bingo experience. You can even choose to play with real money among friends. Play online and whoever wins, transfer prize money via Paytm or online banking. Thus, get the real feel of Bingo.

These were some fun mobile games you can try. It will help you and your loved ones get along together without needing to visit in person. I tried these and got my energy back and focused better on work and other activities at home.

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