How to Send Amazon Gift Voucher to someone via Email, WhatsApp & Phone Number

How to Send Amazon Gift Voucher via Email, WhatsApp & Phone Number 

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Wondering how to send an Amazon gift voucher to someone via email or WhatsApp or on their phone number? This is probably the simplest guide on the internet you will find. Amazon gift vouchers make for some of the best birthday gifts or even corporate gifts. However, not many people know how to give a gift voucher to someone via email, WhatsApp, or phone number. Fret not if you are one of them. This is the only article you need. 

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

A gift card is simply a 16-digit shopping voucher where users can load some money one time (for example ₹500, ₹1000, etc) and then use it to shop on Amazon India. Users usually get anywhere from 1% to 10% cashback on Amazon of the total value of the gift card purchased which makes it an attractive gift as well as a smart way to shop online. 

Different types of Amazon Gift Vouchers you can send as gift: 

 Amazon gift voucher or gift card comes in various types. 

How to send an Amazon Gift Voucher to someone 

To send an Amazon gift voucher to your friend or loved one, you will require at least one of three things, their email, phone number or WhatsApp number. If you have even one of these details with you, you can easily send a brand gift voucher as a gift to your friend, family member, girlfriend or boyfriend. Be it a birthday present, a corporate gift or a special surprise for a wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Children’s Day, you can gift someone an Amazon gift card in just a few minutes with Zingoy. 

How to Send Amazon Gift Card via Email or Phone Number 

To send someone an Amazon gift card via Email, take the help of Zingoy and send your friend a surprise gift voucher in just a few minutes: 

  1. Download the Zingoy app from the Google Play store or Apple app store
  2. Sign up or log in with your contact number 
  3. On the homepage, top-right side, click on the search icon 🔎
  4. Type “Amazon” in the search bar 
  5. Click on “View all results” in the “Gift cards” section & choose the Amazon gift card that you wish to send to someone 
  6. Choose from the dominations of the gift cards available & the number of gift vouchers you need to send
  7. On the top-right corner, click on the shopping cart icon🛒 to visit your cart 
  8. On the very top, tick the checkbox that reads “This is a gift order” 
  9. Once done, a new window will appear where you can mention the recipient’s name, email address & phone number
  10. Once done, click on “Save” 
  11. Enter any special Zingoy coupon code to get a discount 
  12. Complete your transaction using any payment method such as UPI, debit or credit card, wallet, net banking, etc 

The gift card will be delivered to your friend or colleague or loved one online via email address & phone number within 0 to 3 hours. Usually, it only takes a few minutes for your Amazon gift voucher to be delivered through Zingoy. 

How to Send an Amazon Gift Voucher via WhatsApp 

To send an Amazon gift voucher via WhatsApp, users need to visit Zingoy, complete their gift card order and then simply copy the gift voucher 16-digit PIN & 13-digit Code and send it to the recipient on their WhatsApp number. Be careful though, as sharing the PIN & Code of the gift voucher is sensitive information. So make sure you are sharing it with the right person. Nevertheless, this is one of the easiest ways to send an Amazon gift card to someone via WhatsApp. 

Additionally, users can also download the voucher PDF sent to the provided email address and share it on WhatsApp with their friends or family members. 

How to Gift an Amazon Gift Card via Phone Number 

What happens if you only have the phone number of the person you wish to send the gift voucher to? Well, worry not. We got you covered. Simply visit Zingoy, grab your favourite brand gift voucher, in this case, Amazon, and at the checkout window, mark the order as “gift order.” Now add the recipient details such as name and phone number. In the email address field, simply add any of your own email (other than the one registered with Zingoy). This way you can easily send an Amazon gift card to someone via phone number without using their email address. 

How to send an Amazon Gift Card to someone without their Phone Number 

To send an Amazon gift card to someone without using their phone number, all you have to do is visit Zingoy, purchase your desired gift card, mark the order as “gift order,” enter the recipient email address and in place of the recipient phone number, you can add your own contact number if you do not have the other person’s number. This is a quick and easy turnaround that can not only save you time but also effortlessly help you gift an Amazon Gift Card to your friends or family without their phone number. 

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