7 Best Water Purifiers to Buy in India in 2021

7 Best Water Purifiers to Buy in India in 2024

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Drinking healthy and clean water makes us internally strong and also keeps us free from many diseases and helps in keeping our immunity strong. But nowadays various chemicals are added to water which makes us very unhealthy and we need a proper mechanism in order to filter out the chemical particles from it. Though there are different types of purifiers available in the Indian market like RO, UV, UF, Copper, and Non-Electric filters. You can buy the water purifiers at a discounted price using Amazon coupons, Flipkart coupons, Tata CLiQ coupons, PayTM Mall coupons, and Croma Retail coupons from Zingoy.

What types of Water Purifiers you should buy?

Before you make the decision to buy the water purifiers you need to know what types of water purifiers are available in the market and which are the best water purifiers that are suitable at your home or offices.

Water Purifier TypesPurifying Technology
Activated Carbon FilterMade from the coconut shell, charcoal easily removes the harmful chemical and purifies it for drinking.
Sediment Cartridge FilterIt removes larger solid particles from the water storage like mud, dirt, and other solid particles and can be easily cleaned and used again.
Gravity based water purifiersIt is a non-electric water purifier and available at a cheap price to buy in the market.
Adsorbent Media based water purifiersThis water purifier is rarely used other than the Activated Carbon water purifier.
UV Water PurifierUltraViolet purifiers kill the harmful bacteria and germs that are present in the water and purify it for our drinking.
Membrane Water Purifiers(UF+NF+RO)The Membrane water purifier with the 3 protection layers UF+NF+RO, UF kills the bacteria, NF makes the hard water soft for drinking, and RO dissolves all the salt in the water.
RO+UV+UFThis is the most advanced water purifier using RO+UV+UF membranes for the filtration process.

From the above-listed types, Sediment cartridge filters are commonly used in most places as it is mostly used in non-electrical water purifiers and can be used regularly in the kitchen and office easily suitable for the family size of 3-4 members. If you are looking for the best water purifier for your home that would protect from all kinds of germs and bacteria you can go for the most advanced UF+NF+RO or RO+UV+UF water filtrations which require electricity suitable for the large family of 7-8 members and also in the corporate offices.

Here we will list down some of the 10 best water purifiers to buy in India with good features and specifications. We have covered all the detailed information regarding the water purifiers like:

  1. TDS Level
  2. Water purifier type
  3. Suitable for family size
  4. The budget you can buy

KENT Gold UF Membrane: Best water purifier for home in India 2024

KENT Gold UF Membrane
Image Source: Amazon

KENT Gold UF Membrane water purifier is a non-electric which provides clean and safe drinking water and easily filters out the harmful chemicals like Chlorine, Iodine, and Bromine and keeps the water fresh for drinking. You can easily store 13 litre water as purified storage and 7 litre water in a raw tank. Can easily be kept in the home and office. Thus, it is one of the best water purifiers for home in India in 2024


BrandKENT Gold
TypeNon-electric water purifier
Storage Capacity13 litre filter and 7 litre raw
Filter CartridgesActivated Carbon and Sediment
UF Membrane0.1 Microns Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic 
Dimension(LXWXH)600mm x 355mm x 326mm
PriceRs 3,200
Warranty1 year


  1. Has ample space for water storage.
  2. Does not require any electricity to operate.
  3. The price of the KENT Gold is also less with many features in it.
  4. Made of smart design that looks very much attractive and can be kept on any flat surface without any worry.
  5. Activated Carbon Filter frees the bacteria and makes water safe for drinking.
  6. It comes with the certification giving assurance for purified water and easily purifies any bad odor or chlorine chemicals inside.

Pureit Marvella UV G2: Best Budget Water Purifier

Pureit Marvella UV G2
Image Source: Amazon

Pureit Marvella UV G2 has a massive filter life of 6000 litre which you cannot find on any of the ordinary water purifiers. Suitable for all family sizes and can be easily kept in the home kitchen or in the office. It has a superb design with all the essential features and specifications that everyone is looking for and that too at the best price. These are the reasons why it is the Best Budget Water Purifier.


BrandPureit Marvella UV G2
TypeUV water purifier
Storage Capacity4 litre
Filter CartridgesActivated Carbon, Sediment, Mesh Filter
Dimension(HXWXD)390mm x 265mm x 225mm
PriceRs 9,299
Warranty1 year on product and 3 years on kits


  1. It requires a less maintenance cost of just 0.25 paise per litre.
  2. Even if there is no electricity at home or office it is ready to serve the purified water.
  3. With the help of the Sediment Filter, it removes the fine, coarse, and dirt particles easily.
  4. Activated Carbon Filter helps to remove the chemical like chlorine, dirt, and other bacteria from the water and purify it for drinking.
  5. Pureit Marvella UV G2 has the Advance Alert System that informs you 15 days earlier with the help of the LED indicator that when the GKK life is going to expire and the purifier is going to stop working.
  6. High-intensity UV rays ensure safe drinking water.
  7. Also, protect the water purifier from accidental damage if there is any power voltage fluctuation between 110 and 270 volts.

Blue Star Excella: Best RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Blue Star Excella (RO+UV+UF)
Image Source: Amazon

Blue Star Excella has a tripled protection layer water purifier that kills the germs, viruses, and bacteria easily from the water. Suitable for the family small, medium, and large size. It is compact in size which requires less space and it requires electricity to function. It is the Best RO+UV+UF Water Purifier, thanks to the brand’s expertise and vast experience.


BrandBlue Star Excella
TypeRO+UV+UF water purifier
Storage Capacity6 litre
Filter CartridgesSediment Filter, RO Membrane, UF Membrane, UV
Dimension(HXWXD)425mm x 362mm x 244mm
PriceRs 8,999
Warranty1 year on product


  1. With the help of the strong RO membrane features, it purifies upto 265 litres of water per day.
  2. The water purifier is compact in size which requires less space and can be easily mounted in the wall.
  3. To enhance the quality of drinking water it makes use of Aqua Taste Booster(ATB) which is safe.
  4. Copper Impregnated Activated Carbon removes the bad smell, odour, and also removes any bacteria present in the water.
  5. Also, it has an indicator that lets you know when the tank is full.

Pureit: Best Copper + RO Water Purifier

Pureit Copper⁺ RO Purifier
Image Source: Amazon

Pureit Copper⁺RO water purifier ensures good family health. It has a 7 stage RO+UV+MF purification process that gives your family safe water and with the combination of copper technology, it protects your family from any disease. It requires electricity to operate suitable for medium and large families.


TypeRO+UV+MF water purifier
Storage Capacity8 litre
Filter CartridgesSediment Filter, RO Carbon Filter, Mesh Filter, Reverse Osmosis(RO), UV Reactor, Post-RO Carbon Filter and Micro Filter
Dimension(HXWXD)447mm x 350mm x 361mm
PriceRs 25,990
Warranty12-month warranty


  1. The double purity lock filter ensures 100% safe drinking water.
  2. Water passes with the 7 stagings of filtration processes which ensure you remain safe and healthy.
  3. It has a large water storage capacity upto 8 litres so enjoy the benefit of RO water.
  4. With the combination of Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO, you are protected always from harmful viruses and bacteria while drinking water.
  5. Harmful substances or particles are not easily attached to the body as it is 100% Food Grade Plastic.

Livpure Platino+: Best Copper Water Purifier

Livpure Platino+ Copper
Image Source: Livpure

Livpure Platino water purifier is made of powerful RO technology which gives safe drinking water as it passes through the 7 stages of purification technology RO + UV + UF + Mineralizer. Suitable for the medium and large family size of 5-7 members and requires electricity to operate. Therefore, it is the Best Copper Water Purifier in India. Buy it via Vijay Sales Gift Vouchers to get additional savings!


TypeRO + UV + UF + Mineraliser water purifier
Storage Capacityupto 15 litre per hour
Filter CartridgesSuper Sediment Filter, SV1, Carbon Block Filter, RO membrane, Mineral Cartridge, Copper 29 Cartridge, UF Cartridge
Dimension(HXWXD)480mm x 235mm x 370mm
PriceRs 21,990
Warranty12-month warranty


  1. Copper 29 Cartridge ensures the purity of the water and protects your health and digestive system.
  2. HR70 purification technology purifies the water and removes harmful bacteria and viruses.
  3. Advanced 7 stages of water purification technology make the water superior for drinking.
  4. It has a storage capacity of 8.5 liters and can be easily installed on walls.
  5. Available in color white and blue.

Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ with Ayur Fresh: Best Energy Efficient Water Purifier

Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ with Ayur Fresh
Image Source: Amazon

Dr.Aquaguard Classic+ with Ayur Fresh is India’s first water purifier which has the protection of the 7 Ayurvedic herbs and spices like Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Clove buds, Cumin, Cardamom, Tulsi leaves, and Ginger which makes the drinking water tasty and also protects your health from any kind of diseases and viruses. Suitable for small, medium, and large families. Moreover, it is the Best Energy Efficient Water Purifier as it has the lowest impact on electricity bills. Besides, grab Reliance Digital Gift Vouchers to get cashback offers.


BrandEureka Forbes Aquaguard
TypeUV, Copper, and Ayurvedic water purifier
Storage CapacityNo Storage
Filter CartridgesCombination Cartridge, Mineral Guard, E-Boiling+, Active Copper Maxx, Biotron, Silver Shield, and Ayur Cartridge
Dimension(HXWXD)423mm x 313mm x 167mm
PriceRs 15,990
Warranty12-month warranty


  1. It comes with the protection of Ayur herbs cartridge which builds your immunity and protects you from germs and viruses.
  2. With the Copper Maxx Cartridge, it enhances the taste of the water removing the harmful gases from it.
  3. The dual dispensing button helps to allow you to choose your drink between Ayur purified water or Regular purified water.
  4. It powers off automatically if the purifier is not in use after 10 minutes.
  5. It requires only 45 W of power consumption.

Mi Smart: Best RO + UV Water Purifier

Mi Smart Water Purifier
Image Source: Amazon

Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO + UV) is a stylish and designer water purifier that looks very cool at your home and office. It can be easily wall mounted as it requires very little space. And also it is one of the best water purifiers that you can buy at less price. Mi Smart water purifier is suitable for medium and large families. If you are looking for the Best RO + UV Water Purifier then this is the one! You can buy it using Croma Gift Vouchers to save more!


Brand Mi Smart
TypeRO + UV  water purifier
Storage Capacity7 Litres
Weight6.7 kg
Filter CartridgesPolypropylene Cotton + Activated Carbon, Reverse Osmosis(RO), Post Activated Carbon and In-Tank UV Sterilization
Dimension(HXWXD)30cm x 20.7cm x 52.3cm
PriceRs 12,990
Warranty12-month warranty


  1. Water is purified with the 5 stages of purifications(PPC + PAC + RO + UV) which help in killing the harmful germs and bacteria present in water, remove the color and odor, and enhance the taste of drinking water.
  2. Easily remove any sediment, rust, redworm, hair, fiber, or any larger particles.
  3. You can easily connect your purifier with your mobile app.
  4. Can be cleaned easily and stores upto 7 litre of water.

Comparison of the Best Water Purifiers in India 2024

Best Water PurifiersCapacity (litres)FilterWarranty (year)PriceUSP
KENT Gold UF Membrane13UF13,200 (non electric/manual)ample space for water storage
Pureit Marvella UV G24UV1 | 3 on kits9,300less maintenance cost of just 0.25 paise per litre
Blue Star Excella6RO+UV+UF19,000purifies upto 265 litres of water per day
Pureit Copper8RO+UV+MF126,0007 stagings of filtration processes
Livpure Platino+ Copper8.5RO+UV +UF+ Mineralizer122,000Copper 29 Cartridge protects health and digestive system.
Dr. Aquaguard Classic+ with Ayur Fresh & Copper8UV115,990Ayur herbs cartridge for immunity and protection from germs and viruses.
Mi Smart7PPC+PAC+RO+UV112,990connect purifier with your mobile app for remote control

These were some of the Best Water Purifiers in India in 2024. You can also consider some non-branded water purifiers which are low on technology but do a decent job making the water suitable for drinking.

7 Best Water Purifiers to Buy in India in 2024
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7 Best Water Purifiers to Buy in India in 2024
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