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1.In 2019, UNESCO proclaimed that 14th March would be observed as International Day of Mathematics. 14th March is also celebrated as what?
Pi Day

2.An organization called ___ Learning also organizes World Maths Day- an international celebration of mathematics. Fill in the blanks

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3.In the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’, Russell Crowe plays the role of which famous mathematician?
John Nash

4.In 2018, New Delhi-born Akshay Venkatesh won which of these awards, named in honor of a Canadian mathematician?
Fields Medal

5.1729- the smallest number that can be expressed as a sum of two cubes in two different ways is named after which two mathematicians?
Hardy and Ramanujan

6.Puzzles to puzzle you, ‘In the Wonderland of Numbers’ and ‘The Book of Numbers’ are all written by which mathematical genius?
Shakuntala Devi

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