May 6th, 2019 by Aditi Arora

Recognizing an employee’s hard work and valuable time has become extremely important in today’s time. Not just employees, clients and customers also deserve to be appreciated. Appreciation and regard are a great catalyst in not only retaining an employee’s trust and goodwill but also helping them set new goals and maintaining their source of motivation. Appreciation can sometimes also involve a gift such as a physical gift or a digital one. Digital gifts for an Employee given by an Employer is referred to as a Corporate Gift Card.

Receiving a note of appreciation after their constant hard-work in making a project come alive and become a success, makes one feel on the top of the moon and pushes them to put more and more with each new hurdle at the workplace. Therefore, each and every company ought to implement a strategic reward system to address benefits, recognition, and appreciation. And what could be a better time than this time of the year to implement rewards if not the Appraisal time?!

What is a Corporate Gift Card?

In 2019, a note of appreciation needs icing on top. And by icing on top, we mean something measurable and consistent with the effort an employee puts in. That’s when the rewarding system is taken up a notch with a valuable gift. And since a gift is something so personal and specific to an individual, that’s where Corporate Gift Cards came into the spotlight, not only taking away the pressure of “What should we reward the employee?” but also making it measurable. Thus, Corporate gifting has become an integral part of running a successful business because of how easy they make the employee a rewarding process. Corporate gifts help build new relationships and strengthen old ones, create goodwill, and promote a business.

Why is a Corporate Card a better choice for an Employer such as you?

As an employer, deciding on what is to be rewarded to each individual as per their needs and requirements is next to impossible to predict. Since a physical gift is so specific and choice based that such a gift may or may not actually be worthy enough for an employee.

Choosing to go for a Corporate Gift Card, however, solves that issue. Since a Gift Card can be used how so ever an employee feels appropriate, it gives them more control and value out of such a digital gift.

The right gift at the right time is the best way of conveying how important a relationship is to you and how valuable an employee, client or customer is for you and your company. But you might wonder “What IS the right Corporate Gift Card?”. And that’s exactly what we are here to break down for you.

Here are the best Gift Cards to celebrate your professional relationships!

Amazon Corporate Gift Vouchers :


Claiming to redefine how India Gifts, Amazon Corporate Gift Vouchers can make for the most ultimate gifting solution for anyone and everyone. Amazon’s world-class service combined with incredible customer support for many years has helped establish faith and trust in the company.

  • Amazon gives one the choice to select from a wide range of brands and products and 125+ other brand vouchers.
  • In India, there are so many options to customize the Gift Vouchers as well! With a huge variety of Physical and digital Gift Cards, Amazon has endless options.
  • Amazon Gift Cards makes gifting more swift, simple and personal.
  • One major added benefit of Amazon Corporate Gift Vouchers is how secure the process is. Amazon’s unique gift card balance management system and multiple modes of delivery give you the freedom from loss or its misuse.
  • You can also club multiple Amazon corporate gift cards and payment options.

 Axis Bank Corporate Gift Card :


Requiring to only load the amount on the card for you to have a functional and secure GIft Card, Axis Bank Corporate Gift Cards are ideal for rewarding employees, clients and other individuals valuable to your organization.

  • It is accepted across 400,000 VISA enabled merchant outlets across the country.
  • You can use it as a Debit Card making is suitable and easy to shop anywhere.
  • You can also shop online at Verified by VISA certified merchants.

Uber Gift Cards :


‘Ubering’ around town has actually become a phrase in this day and age because hiring a cab means booking an Uber. Travelling has now become so easy and convenient that we hardly recognize how difficult our life would be without it. Hence we feel an Uber Gift Card could make for a wholesome gift card for any working individual. Whether it’s your employees, clients or customers; all can avail great benefits from a complete gift such as this. Available in a wide variety of denominations ranging from as little as Rs. 100/- going up to Rs. 1,000/-, and Uber Gift Card user can easily enjoy additional benefits such as cashback on your Uber vouchers.

Corporate Holiday Gift Cards :


With the changing lifestyle in the 21st century, lavish vacations are on so many people’s bucket lists. With better-paying jobs and equally competent employees, making frequent holiday trips via various travel portals such as MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip, Goibibo, TripAdvisor has become the new norm. Gifting your employees with suitable Holiday Gift Cards is a splendidly great gesture on your part as an employer. Allowing employees the freedom to access a destination of their choice and build memories of a lifetime would truly make them feel happy and rewarded. As an employer, bulk Holiday Gift Vouchers would be more beneficial.

Paytm Corporate Gift Card :


Paytm is one of India’s largest online wallets and mobile e-commerce platforms. The one-stop destination for recharging, paying bills and online shopping, Paytm has it all at one place. Now you can recharge your mobile phones, DTH, Data card or Metro cards in a jiffy and pay your mobile bills, electricity bills and other utility bills without any hassle using just one Application. Additionally, you can also book movie tickets, travel tickets, hotel rooms and buy anything from clothes to automobile accessories on Paytm. However, the best part about it is that you get cashback on everything that you pay for or buy via Paytm!

Do we really need to say more? A Paytm Gift Card would help deserving employees tremendously and truly make their everyday life very simple.

The list could go on and on as there as so many permutations and combinations that could make for a credible and worthy reward for recognizing someone. The Internet has a plethora of options to choose from and fit what you need seamlessly. 

One such destination is Zingoy Cashback. Zingoy understands an Employers gifting needs best, bringing you the corporate gifting solution which will be a perfect fit for your customers, clients or colleagues for any event and opportunity. Whether you are looking for corporate gifts for clients in India or gifts for corporate events or corporate gifts for CEO’s: you will find the best options on Zingoy.

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