Zingoy Cashback League

Zingoy Cashback League

Predict the results and stand a chance to win exciting cashback prizes.
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Get Ready for Some Awesome Cricket and Amazing Cashback!
As the mercury levels shoot up in India, so does the cricket fever. It’s been a ritual every summer since 2008, which gets bigger and better with each passing year. The most exciting professional 20-20 cricket league of India is back again! Who are you rooting for this time? Is it going to be your home team? The defending champions from Hyderabad? The universal favourites from Bangalore? Or the team that has your favourite player? Pick wisely, because if your team wins,you win too!

Yes, that’s what the Zingoy Cashback League is all about- Winning some amazing extra cashback every time your team wins! This IPL, there are 8 teams with 16 players, from all across the globe, and we know your loyalties are going to be tested in every match. You will be picking a different side in every game. Just pick the winning side every time, and Zingoy will give you some exciting cashback offers. However, remember you have 24 hours, between 2 pm to 2 pm to make the right guess.

What you have to do? Simple, play the Zingoy Cashback League. Visit this page every day between 2 PM to 2 PM, sign up/ log in, click on the team you think will win the day's match, and keep your fingers crossed. That's it!

Also, if you are lucky, you can also be one of the three randomly participants to get an Amazon voucher worth Rs 50 every match!

Wish you happy cashback and excellent cricket this summer!
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Terms & Conditions
  • This contest is open for all Zingoy users.
  • To participate; user needs to login/ sign up and predict the winning team before deadline (2 PM Daily).
  • One user can predict only once per day, and once the prediction is submitted it cannot be changed later.
  • If your prediction is correct then you will be eligible for additional cashback on your transaction or voucher purchase (which will be disclosed the next day).
  • There will only be 1 match prediction per day.
  • If you win:

    • To avail the prize, i.e. the extra cashback offer, you can make a transaction or purchase the voucher between 12:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM (Next Day).
    • The pre-defined additional cashback will be provided only if you transact during this time period.
    • Example :
    • 5 April 2017: Sunrisers VS Royal Challengers
    • You predict that Royal Challengers will win on 5 April 2017.
    • Royal Challengers wins.
    • You will win a prize and it will be valid for the following day only (i.e. for 6 April 2017).
    • Any other Terms will be shared along with the prize.

    If you lose:

    • Comeback tomorrow and try your luck again.

    Amazon Vouchers for 3 Lucky Winners

    • We will also be giving out Amazon Vouchers worth Rs 50 to 3 lucky winners from all the predictions we receive for a match.
    • A user can win the vouchers multiple times.
    • The voucher will be sent to winners within 2-3 business days.