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Voucher Purchase Voucher code will be sent to your email Id instantly on successful order completion.  Voucher Code can be accessed on your Zingoy account as well.  Redeemable on select stores. Show this code to the cashier at the time of billing to use your Instant Voucher to make payment. Cashback will be tracked instantly and validated within 3 hours You cannot cancel/refund a voucher once it has been issued.

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About Mainland China
Mainland China is a place where you can enjoy great Chinese food in an authentic Chinese ambience. This chain of restaurants is known for combining various contrasting flavours and spices in a single cuisine, which brings about a heavenly blend of flavours, textures and aroma in the food. The food at Mainland China is prepared from ingredients and spices handpicked straight from markets of Beijing, Guangdong, Hunan. You can now enjoy this delicious spread even more with the help of some yummy Mainland China vouchers from Zingoy, because Zingoy gives you instant cashback on them!