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About Flipkart Gift Cards

Flipkart Gift Cards & E-Gift Vouchers Online

eVoucher ValueValidity Period
Rs. 1000.006-12 Months
Rs. 500.006-12 Months
Rs. 250.006-12 Months
Rs. 100.006-12 Months

Flipkart Gift Cards & Vouchers

Flipkart Gift Card

Whoever said gifting is easy sure got it wrong. With mindboggling choices and even more complex preferences, gifting often ends up being nothing short of a tough task! With Flipkart gift cards though, it sure becomes a breeze since the recipient then has the power of choice to pick and choose from hundreds and thousands of different products that Flipkart has on offer.

On Zingoy, you will find these Flipkart vouchers of multiple denominations starting from as little as Rs. 100/- going up to Rs. 500/- with 6 to 12 months of validity. This offers immense flexibility since one can easily pick and choose desired Flipkart gift card vouchers.

Grab Flipkart Gift Card Offers with Zingoy

Flipkart is an online mega-store bringing almost all kinds of goods and services at your fingertips. Apart from bringing you a wide range of good and services, Flipkart also brings its customers a vast choice of Flipkart gift card offers during sales, festivals, and special days. Be it for gifting someone or for yourself, you should be buying Flipkart gift vouchers. Here’s why:

  • You will find all gift card offers here in one place
  • You can send Flipkart vouchers as gifts to someone else directly from Zingoy
  • Above all, buying Flipkart gift vouchers from Zingoy earns you instant and amazing cashback

Where can you use Flipkart Vouchers?

When it comes to Flipkart gift card offers, you do not need to look any further than Zingoy; it has all the different Flipkart gift vouchers available out there. This includes popular ones such as Flipkart gift vouchers for Diwali or Flipkart vouchers for the Big Billion Day sales, and so on.

Besides purchasing such Flipkart gift card vouchers, you also have the option of selling them on Zingoy. Thus, if you have a Flipkart voucher, which you are not going to use, you can sell it off for some good money to other shoppers on Zingoy. Just click on the ‘Sell Gift Card’ tab on the top right corner of this page.

To be able to sell a Flipkart voucher here, you must add your mobile number to your account and get it verified with an OTP. Zingoy will charge a small processing fee on the sale of the voucher depending on the selling price and its value. Once sold, you can use the money to buy other gift cards or send them to your bank account.

No wonder then that Zingoy has emerged as the destination of the choice for all Flipkart vouchers, with customers knowing that this is where they will find all the gift cards with ease!

Flipkart Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I return or cancel my Flipkart vouchers?

A. You cannot return or cancel the vouchers once you've purchased them.

Q2. Can I use Flipkart vouchers multiple times?

A. Flipkart Voucher can be used only once.

Q3. Where can I redeem Flipkart gift vouchers?

A. You can redeem your Flipkart Gift Vouchers when making a purchase on Flipkart. Select 'Pay By Gift Card' at the time of payment and feed the 16 digit code.

Q4. Can I get Flipkart gift card for free?

A. No. But you can certainly find a good deal on gift cards, right here on Zingoy. You can choose the gift card by visiting this page and find the listing to make a purchase.

Q5. Is there any bank or wallet offer available on Flipkart vouchers?

A. You can brush through our Gift Card Page and find the bank offer that perfectly fits your needs.

Q6. Where can I find Flipkart gift cards?

A. You can shop for the gift cards on Zingoy. Flipkart vouchers are available in Rs 100, Rs 250, Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denomination.